140 Wife Tag Questions [2021] Fun, Exciting, Romantic Questions

When you want to put light on your relationship, play wife tag questions and get to know about each other. It can have questions about your relationship or even individual interest. In this way, you can find out how much your better half remembers about you. You can also get to know how they feel about you and what their perspective about your habits.

This game will give you and your spouse a fun time together. You guys can also ask some romantic questions and add some spark to your relationship. These questions can also turn out to be a very memorable and good conversation between you two. So, don’t waste time and start preparing to grow your bond with your spouse.

People often feel that if they have been married for a very long period of time, you think that you know everything about your partner but it is not the truth. There is something you can still discover in your partner. Also, choices and thinking of people keeps on changing with time and so it is your responsibility to cope up with their choice.

When you play the game, you may discover another side of your partner. You will also know that you don’t know everything about your partner. Ask these questions with excitement and involve your spouse in loving you more.

How to play the wife tag questions challenge?

The wife tag question is to be played by your wife; she has to answer the questions one by one. Questions will reflect on daily life. These questions will impact your relationship positively. Play the wife tag questions challenge to refresh some memories.

Wife Tag Questions

These are romantic, fun, cute, and exciting wife tag questions.

Relationship Questions

These questions are close to your heart and we know how to trigger these feelings quite well. To begin this beautiful blog, we firstly start with some wife tag questions related to relationship that have a huge impact on you both.

  • What was your first impression of me?
  • Where and when did we first meet?
  • How did we meet? Do you remember the moment where we went to hang out for the first time?
  • Since how long have you both been together?
  • Which of the two of you is lazy in doing homecare stuff?
  • Who said “I love you” first? How much time did you both take to confront your feelings for each other?
  • Who amongst you has a better sense of humor? Who cracks the lamest jokes ever but they sound funny as hell?
  • Who is the cry baby? Who is more into melting their partner by using emotions more often?
  • Who is the one to say sorry after most of the arguments? Do you make him say sorry even if the mistake is done by you?
  • Who is the better cook? Who amongst you is a passionate chef? Does your husband make great food?
  • Who is more romantic? What is the best romantic memory you both have ever had?
  • What does my family think of you? If you were given a chance to swap families, would you do so? If yes, why so?
  • Who is better at handling their social life? What social media negativity do you face usually?
  • What did your friends say about me? Were you influenced by their comments?

Cute and Romantic Wife Tag Questions

We present you the cute and romantic tag questions that will spice up your relationship. These questions will help you explore your partner’s cute and romantic gestures.

  • What is your favorite variety of cuisine? Would you want me to cook you food at 3 A.M in the morning?
  • Do you want me to rub soap on your back while taking a bath? 
  • Who is the reason to most of the mess happening in the house? Who takes the responsibility to clean that mess?
  • Who wakes up early in the morning? Who amongst you is an early bird? Does the person who wakes up early in the morning make coffee for the other person?
  • Who is a social butterfly? Who spends more time on social media platforms? Have you ever exchanged your social media handle’s passwords?
  • When was the first time, when you felt that you want to kiss me? What did you feel after our first kiss? Were you indulged in that kiss?
  • What is the best thing you like about me? Are you inspired by my behavior or habit? Would you recommend others to do the same?
  • What nicknames would you love to call me with? Have you ever thought of calling me using a nickname? What nicknames have you given to me since we met for the first time?
  • Who takes longer to get ready? Who has a better fashion sense?
  • What was the last text message I sent you? Can you recall the message? Show me the chat. Name one time where I sent you a really cute message that made you smile.

Fun Wife Tag Questions

Love and emotions have their special place, but fun questions are the most beloved and interesting part of a tag question challenge. Let’s take a look at fun tag questions to ask your wife.

  • If I ever wake up having an extra thumb, would you still be with me?
  • What was the dumbest thing you have ever done as a child?
  • Have you ever kissed a person of your gender?
  • What is the most embarrassing moment you have had with your partner?
  • Do you sing in the shower?
  • Do you have any phobias? Are you scared of any particular insect?
  • Is there something you have dreamt of and is uncomplete? If yes, why have not you completed it?

Favorites Wife Tag Questions

What is better than knowing the likes and dislikes of your better half. We have a list of favorites wife tag questions that will clearly help you know your partner a bit more closely.

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What is your favorite sport? Would you play that sport with me?
  • Who is your favorite actor or actress?
  • What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
  • What is your favorite Netflix show to watch?
  • What would you prefer? Going for a picnic OR Netflix and chill at home?
  • What is your favorite beverage to have while travelling long distances?
  • Which flavored candy fascinates you the most?
  • What is your favorite song? Is it related to me?
  • What is your favorite or dream travel destination?

Having a fun tag questions game with your wife would enhance your bond and let you explore different sides of your relationship. Wife tag questions are the best way to let your wife’s emotions flow. Questions curated in this article are very relationship specific and can be used to trigger a brand-new spark in the relationship. We hope you will spend a fun time playing the wife tag questions challenge.

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