Whisper Challenge Phrases [2021] 240+ Whisper Challenge Sentences Ideas

Whisper Challenge Phrases: Hanging out with cousins, family and friends become fruitful when you have few funny instances occurring. We have the Whisper Challenge Phrases for you. It is a simple game and is easy to understand. With no investments other than headphones, the whisper challenge is relevant for all age groups. Two or more people are required to play the whisper challenge.

Doing whisper challenge with friends is such an interesting activity, with countless laughs and giggles we make sure with our phrases you enjoy the game even more. We have many Whisper Challenge Phrases and Sentences Ideas that will blow your mind and guessing would be a hell of a difficult task.

How to play the Whisper Challenge?

To play the whisper challenge, one player has to put on headphones with music bursting in their ears so they cannot hear a single sound. Another player has to say a word or a short phrase, which now has to be guessed by the player wearing headphones. The player who is saying the word cannot enact the phrase or the word and he/she has to do clear lip speaking and the guesser has to understand by lip-reading the other player.

If the player is able to guess it correctly, he gets one point, If the player partially guesses it, he gets the half point, and if the player is unable to guess he gets no points. People from all age groups can play this game and there are no advantages and disadvantages in respect of age difference. The game is simple and can be played by as many people as you want.

The words and phrases used in whisper challenges must be confusing in such a way that it becomes uneasy to guess. The word can be way different from the one you are thinking about. Some words can puzzle players, it would be such a difficult task to read the lips of someone saying “Hello Hey”. Since you have caught the basic understanding of the game, you need some awesome phrases and words. 

Whisper Challenge Phrases are mentioned below which can be picked by you while playing this game.

Easy/Basic Whisper Challenge Phrases

For a good and happy start of the game, you shall pick from the easy ones, as everyone would get the flow of the game and the game would become interesting when you get forward.

  • I like you
  • Hi
  • Banana
  • Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
  • Pickles
  • Holy Cow
  • Santa
  • Gravity
  • Grandma
  • Eat your pudding
  • Milkshake
  • Chocolate
  • Juice
  • Automobile
  • Mobile
  • Transportation
  • Cardi B
  • Captain America
  • Superman
  • Nevermind
  • Please listen to me
  • Jingle
  • Mingle
  • Night
  • Day
  • Fortunate
  • Watermelon
  • Stop Listening
  • Babies
  • Guns
  • Muscles
  • Starbucks
  • I love animals
  • In the air
  • How are you
  • Once in a blue moon
  • Catch the ball
  • Throw the ball
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Wrestle mania
  • Hill station
  • United States
  • Nice to meet you
  • How do you do
  • Speak in English
  • A piece of cake
  • Salty
  • It’s hot outside
  • Pen and Paper
  • Will you marry me
  • School is lame
  • Just do it
  • A flying chimpanzee
  • I love butterflies
  • Chocolate covered pizza
  • Jack and Jill
  • Water
  • Crazy Guy
  • Angry Birds
  • Stop the music
  • Pineapple on Pizza
  • Baby Shark
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Beer or whiskey
  • Pizza or Burger
  • Comedy
  • Chess
  • Sports
  • Football
  • Cheese

So, these are some easy and funny whisper challenge phrases that you can use while playing the whisper challenge.

Hard Whisper Challenge Phrases

Interested in the game? Want to improve the quality? Well,  here are some Hard Whisper Challenge Phrases that can make the game fascinating. 

  • I give you a penny
  • A cat ate my dish
  • I got beaten by a police officer
  • Do you want some beating
  • I love breaking up
  • You moved my house
  • Rock the party tonight
  • You want to hear to some pop music
  • A bird crashed the airplane
  • The sea is empty of water
  • Stop pocking my stomach
  • Do you love to play subway surfers
  • I am really dumb
  • Do you know Hulk
  • A horse is riding a cowboy
  • Toasted and grilled sandwich
  • Why is everyone cheating! Cheaters!
  • Tell me what do you want
  • I love people who play chess
  • Come home early tonight, I have made pineapple pizza
  • Do you think I am funny
  • Is your car an automobile
  • Inside every lion, there is a duck hidden
  • Youtubers are saviours of the internet
  • Pink purple trees, dressing up in the garden
  • Do wear a helmet while driving a car
  • If you are reading this, you are lucky
  • Guns, cinnamon cakes, and unicorns
  • Your cheese took my breath away
  • Superman is wearing a black colour underwear
  • Bob the builder, just do it
  • Subway surfers surf around Miami
  • I am inevitable
  • Grandma likes to travel
  • I am sleeping but I am awake
  • Peeing in the ocean
  • Can’t feel my face
  • Twenty-one pilots in the camp
  • Can you become a star like Michael Jackson
  • Are you a dancer or swimmer
  • Can you touch my Apple
  • I saw your cat enter my house
  • Drink Milkshake daily for good muscles
  • Wipe your dreams and make them dry
  • It is nice to have a wet garden
  • Why is everyone so mature today
  • Don’t you think you are ugly

These are some hard and stupid words and phrases that can be used to trick the players. Players guessing the wrong phrases make people laugh and since we play this game just to enjoy, we have funny words and phrases for you.

Funny Whisper Challenge Phrases

  • My cow gives milk every Saturday
  • You are a crazy banana
  • There is an elephant in my boots
  • Will we have flying animals by 2050
  • The cat is driving the car
  • Pizza is all I have
  • Save money in hell
  • Do you want to lick my dog
  • I want to run while swimming
  • My pet dog’s name is Cat
  • Can you catch my green pencil
  • I am normie
  • Do you want to drink bear
  • My special pizza just left the earth
  • I kissed my elephant
  • I got ketchup from Dominos
  • Susie sells seashells
  • Didgeridoo
  • Red is darker than dark

Your friends and family will have a tough and funny time guessing these phrases. These phrases are super fun and we make sure you will have a good time playing the whisper challenge. 

It is a superb game to spend time and there are no restrictions and equipment required making the game much easier to be played.

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