This or That Questions [2021] Latest Updated Collections

This Or That Questions conversation is a very fun-loving conversation. It can change your mood or it can lighten your stress. If you are the kind of person who likes to know about people and people then this or that questions conversation is the best way.

Benefits of This Or That Questions

There are many benefits of this and that questions, out of which I am highlighting some.

  • You can get to know your friends and family very well.
  • Helps in building a relationship.
  • You can read the mind of the front.
  • You can also find the right person for yourself.

How to play This or That Questions?

There are two people in this conversation. Those two can be your friends, family, or someone you know or with whom you want to have this conversation. There is no age restriction in this conversation. This is for people of all ages. The first person will be you and the second is the person you want to be with. You will give two options to your friend/family member or girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband, from which he/she will have to choose the one he/she likes more. Many times it happens that the other person likes both the things, so in such a situation you ask them which they like more.

Here is the list of This Or That Questions. So let’s dive into it.

This or That Questions For Friends

  1. Watch sports or play sports?
  2. Aquarium or zoo?
  3. Netflix or YouTube?
  4. Plans or surprises?
  5. Console Gaming or PC Gaming?
  6. Burgers or tacos?
  7. Pop or Indie?
  8. Long hair or short hair?
  9. Letter or emails?
  10. Soup or Sandwich?
  11. Google or Bing?
  12. Loud or quiet?
  13. Bus or subway?
  14. Books or movies?
  15. Winter or summer?
  16. Weird or crazy?
  17. Cake or Pie?
  18. Ring or necklace?
  19. Board games or video games?
  20. Meat or Vegetables?
  21. Biking or hiking?
  22. Beard or clean shaven?
  23. Book or movie?
  24. Pizza or Chinese food?
  25. Mac or PC?
  26. Weekends or holidays?
  27. Soccer or football?
  28. Phone or computer?
  29. Ocean or Mountains?
  30. Android or iPhone?
  31. Cats or dogs?
  32. Boat or plane?
  33. Sweater or Hoodie?
  34. Straight or curly hair?
  35. Twitter or Instagram?
  36. Witches or wizards?
  37. Fantasy or drama?
  38. Apples or oranges?
  39. Running or walking?
  40. Comedy or horror?
  41. Coffee or Tea?
  42. Art museum or history museum?
  43. Group hangout or one-on-one hangout?
  44. City or Countryside?

This or That Questions For Girlfriend or Wife

  1. Flat or Heels
  2. Color: Black or Red
  3. Reading: Books or Magazine
  4. Movie: Comedy or Romantic
  5. Fiction or Nonfiction
  6. Long hair or short hair
  7. Writing or Listening
  8. Old song or New song
  9. Heavy makeup or light makeup
  10. Singing or Dancing
  11. Pet: Dog or Rabbit
  12. Animal friendly or People friendly
  13. Chocolate: Kitkat or Dairy milk
  14. Cakes or Cookies
  15. Ice cream: Vanilla or Strawberry
  16. Scooty or Car
  17. Mountain or Hills
  18. In winter: Boots or Shoes
  19. Android or IOS
  20. In Summer: Cold drink or Kulfi
  21. Autumn or Spring
  22. Earnings: Jhumka or English lock
  23. Necklace: Choker or Multi-Chain collar
  24. Satchel or Clutch
  25. At home: Pyjama or Loose
  26. Lipstick: Red or Pink
  27. Burger or Pizza
  28. Bracelets or Bangles
  29. Bralette or Cage
  30. Ring: Gold or Diamond
  31. Ring from a boyfriend or By own salary
  32. Court Marriage or Temple Marriage
  33. Apple or Grapes
  34. Cartoons: Motu aptly or Tom and Jerry
  35. Dress up or Dress down
  36. Instagram or Snapchat

This or That Questions For Boyfriend or Husband

  1. Laptop or Tablet
  2. Pants or jeans
  3. T-shirt or Shirt
  4. About news: Newspaper or watch on the phone
  5. Gold or platinum
  6. Footwear: Sports shoe or Formal shoe
  7. In party: Normal look or Classy look
  8. Smartwatch or casual watch
  9. Web series or Movies
  10. At beaches: With girlfriend or with friends
  11. Car: BMW or Lamborghini
  12. Bikes Royal Enfield or Java
  13. Beer or wine
  14. On Holiday: With Friends or with Family
  15. Who you love the most: brother or sister
  16. Cricket or Football
  17. Horror or Thriller Movies
  18. Sprite or Coca-cola
  19. Musical Instruments: Piano or Guitar
  20. Lake or River
  21. Jeans: Cargo or Damage
  22. Jacket: Denim or Lather
  23. Dream House: 2BH Or 8BH
  24. Farmhouse or villa
  25. Underwear: Branded or Normal
  26. Wild tone or Nivea perfume
  27. Romantic song or Sad song
  28. Sunglass or Cap
  29. Weird: long or short
  30. Pet: Lion or Elephant
  31. Food: Spicy or Salty
  32. Sweet: Rasgulla or Kalakand
  33. Money or Power
  34. Job or Business
  35. Exercise or Jim
  36. Hot coffee or cold coffee
  37. Whom you like most: good friend or best friend
  38. Summer or winter season
  39. Milk or Lassi
  40. Physical Appearances or Personality
  41. Morning or Night
  42. Waterpark or Theme park
  43. Tv Shows: Drama or Thrill
  44. Noodles or chow mein
  45. Online shopping or shopping in-store
  46. Dominos or Pizza hut

This or That Questions For Kids

  1. Teddy bear or Barbie doll
  2. Frock or skirt
  3. Baby clip or rubber
  4. Sandal or shoes
  5. Kinder joy or Toffy
  6. Indoor games or outdoor games
  7. Hair cut: barbie or baby
  8. Curly hair or straight hair
  9. Dragons or unicorns?
  10. Chips or french fries?
  11. Cookies or brownies?
  12. Toast or eggs?
  13. Ninjas or pirates?
  14. Winter or summer?
  15. Ice cream or cake?
  16. Breakfast or dinner?
  17. Lions or tigers?
  18. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  19. Toys or candy?
  20. Fruits or veggies?
  21. Sweet or sour?
  22. Salty or sweet?
  23. Pancakes or waffles?
  24. Batman or Superman?
  25. Puppies or kittens?
  26. Batman or Spider-man?
  27. Disneyworld or Legoland?
  28. Football or soccer?
  29. Reading or writing?
  30. Beach or pool?
  31. Disney or Universal?
  32. Running or walking?

Final Words

So these lists of “This or That Questions” will be going to help you to learn some information about an individual or group and start a deep and insightful conversation.

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