32 Best Songs For Brothers and About Brothers

We used to fight, compare, and even get angry, but we love each other. Brothers are the cutest and weirdest person I have ever met and lived with. He always likes to sit behind me (I guess he feels secure when he sits behind me), and my brother is my pillow. I think these lines are enough to convince you that this article is all about the best songs for brothers to listen to.

Songs For Brothers and About Brothers

Here are some gems you should listen to with your brother or alone (as your wish) to feel your life’s happy moments with your brother again. These songs will give you a feeling of nostalgia.

  1.  Bruce Springsteen – Highway patrolman

It is an old song, not rust but the bittersweet gold song; it is a story of a cop devoted to country and his family. The story begins with his not-so-good brother, who makes such messes that he can’t clean up; he does not think twice and shoots him. It is the story of Joe Roberts, the highway patrolman, and the song is written by him and his brother, Franky, according to his point of view and launched near the 1960s.

  1. Kodaline- Brother

This song is a Dublin-based rock by Kodaline. It created Jason Boland, Vincent May, Corey Sanders, Jon Maquire, Mark Predergast, Alex Davies, and Stephen Garriganm and is produced by Two-inch punch and Stephen. And it was released in 2017, and this melodious song will touch your heart as in this song we will hear love and fight, unbreakable bonds of brothers from the days of we were young (childhood) to the days of we are now. But, we should not spoil the experience; you should listen to it yourself as it also talks about the careless days when you were young.

  1.  He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother – The Hollies

This song, which was released in the 1970s, is a classic elemental song that will give you a loving hymn to brothers who support brothers without limitations, no matter the consequences or cost. This song is an inspiration by Bobby Scott and Bob Rusell of a Boy’s Town slogan for homeless boys in London. “He ain’t Heavy. He’s my brother” is an engaging song that became a worldwide hit for the Hollies and a minor hit for Neil Diamond. It is also recorded as a cover by many new artists, and many remixes have been released in subsequent years.

  1. What’shappening, brother – Marvin Gaye

It is a song based on the background of global issues like the Vietnam War. This song tells a story about a soldier’s target after wartime. After the war ends, the soldier returns to his home in America, all messed up with internal rebellions and civil wars. This song was designed by Jimmy LaValle, Mark Kozelek. If you like the war theme and a feeling of love when you meet someone (especially your brother), you should listen to the marvelous creation.

  1.  My little brother – Art Brut

It is an indie rock song that gives you a fresh take on brotherhood as you can’t believe that this song is a creation with the lead singer’s little brother, which will provide you with goose bumps, and you will become addict to it as the singer’s voice is (…….sorry but I cannot explain in words”).

  1.  Boss of me – The Might Be Giants

This is a song of category punk rock. Do you know that this song is the official anthem in a TV show based on nerdy siblings named Malcolm in the middle, which was aired on TV in early 2001? This melodious song is the story of young brothers, young and little brothers fighting each other for something and you will find a lot of drama in this song. So again, if you do like dramas, then you should listen to this song. Its rock band is The Might Be Genius.

  1.  My brother’s a basehead – De La Soul

Yes, No. 7, this song is unique from the list, and you may find it wrong in the manner because this song is all about the pain, anger, and frustration of a big brother as his younger brother gets in trouble and becomes addicted to drugs. Previously he used to take weed, but his urges are now more robust, and he is addicted to drugs, moving from weed and how disgusting his body became the most significant threat for elder brother. You can listen to this story song which will show you the dark side of the coin.

  1.  Brother Louie – Modern Talking

I am not sure about the song to rank in which position but, this 1998 song is a story of two brothers who are in love with the same girl and here, the story got a twist when both found that they love the same girl, they tried to convince each-other to leave her but… I don’t want to spoil it; go out and check the song to get the experience by yourself.

  1.  Hey brother – Avicii

An interesting thing I want to tell you is that Avicii is one of my favorite artists; he mainly makes pop songs, and this is also an electric pop song; if you haven’t heard it, what are you doing? Go and check the album True. This song story starts with an elder brother advising his younger brother, the tone of this song is a little similar to the song The Nights (Avicii). So check it out if you want to enjoy pop hits.

  1. Brother – NeedtoBreathe

Do you know a brother is more than a friend or even a best friend because he is a brother… Well, jokes apart, this song will give you a story of ordinary young life experiences, which we cannot forget because this was our golden era. This is a creation of NEEDTOBREATHE.

Other Famous Songs About Brothers That You’ll Love

  1. “Brothers in arms”—Dire Straits
  2. “Blood brothers”—(Luke Bryan)
  3. “Brother mine”—Suzanne Vega
  4. “On the wings of a nightingale”—The Everly Brothers
  5. “The greatest discovery”—Elton John
  6. “The bewlay brothers”—(David Bowie)
  7. “Song for my brother”— (Carlos Santana)
  8. “My brother”— (Justin Hayward)
  9. “Perfect love”— (Marc Cohn)
  10. “Our love”— (Bee Gees)
  11. “Daniel”— (Elton John)
  12. “The greatest discovery”— (Elton John)
  13. “Lean On Me”— Bill Withers
  14. “Count On Me”— – Bruno Mars
  15. “Dog Years”— – Maggie Rogers
  16. “The Heart Of Life” – John Mayer
  17. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack
  18. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
  19. It Don’t Have To Change – John Legend
  20. You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor
  21. My Wish – Rascal Flatts


In the end, there are so many songs. We will describe them later since it is impossible to describe them here now. So we have listened to all the pieces and pick out the best ones for you so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for relevant songs, And in the end, if you share your thought, please write them in the comment section, and also share it with your friends to help them with the songs.

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