80 Songs About Change

There’s nothing permanent except change, said Heraclitus.

Change is permanent; everything will change from time to time, whether we talk about people, the world, things. Everything is changing and transforming into something better.

But the changing process is not easy, it’s challenging, and it takes time to change to become a better person. Changes need a lot of effort, mindset, Focus, determination, and the most helpful way to be consistent is to listen to songs about changes. It helps you understand changes, how you feel about it, and how you can change yourself for a better version. To understand more profound about changes, we’ve listed top beautiful songs about changes that you’ll love to listen to and feel it.

And when you wear headphones, play these songs one by one and feel them, then you’ll realize how important it is for you to keep consistent with your changes. We are sure you’ll love to listen to these songs about changes and help you for better chances.

Songs About Change

Scroll down and pick your favorite song about changes!

“The Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

If you want to change the world, then you need to change the first thing is yourself. It all starts with you because if you change nothing, nothing will change—the beautiful and inspiring message behind this song.

“Waiting on the World to Change” by John Maye

When you want to change the world but you feel powerless, that’s how this song expresses your feelings and thoughts. When a man with his friends wants to change the world, but they feel helpless. So they wait for others to change the world. Do you think this is right? Do you also need to wait for others to do something for you? So you don’t even try to change the world? That’s what this song expresses.

“Everything has changed” by Taylor Swift

A beautiful song to describe how everything is changed when a girl meets with a guy and changes her life forever. From zero to 100 how they’ll spend their life and everything is changed. This song is a beautiful way to remember your loved ones, your life partners, and how everything changed when you met with them.

“Burning Gold” by Christina Perri

This song shows a girl tired of living a fearful and unsatisfied life without any goals that empower her and realize her dreams within her. And start taking small actions to change her life forever. And that’s all that happened with us; we know we need to change ourselves; we need to open our potential because everything is within us. You have the power to change your life whenever you want.

“Change” by Taylor Swift

This song described a girl tired of being held back, down, not getting results, and how she fought back and got what she deserved. How she stands up on her knees, fighting for the change. And that’s what we need to learn from this song, how we can stand up, fight for ourselves and get what we deserve, not what others tell us.

“I’m Coming out”  by Diana ross

If you want to listen to a cheerful song full of enthusiasm and energy, then this song is recommended. How you can face this world, accept your true identity, and now feel more confident of achieving all things you deserve in life.

“I am changing” by Jennifer Hudson

It’s wholly based on self-improvement, self-growth, and how you’re changing your life by doing small actions daily to feel more confident this time. Based on a Girl who is looking for support from a friend in changing her life.

“A change is gonna come” by sam cooke

This song is based on an actual incident when Sam Cooke, his wife, and the band had their hotel reservations on holiday. And now, this song has turned into an anthem of the American civil rights movement. So if you want to add some positive vibes, then this song is gorgeous.

“Rivers and Roads” by the Head and the Heart

This song is based on a person whose family lives in a different state. His friends will disperse soon. And how he can’t relate with others and how his life is changing.

“Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

This song is based on four families who never moved from the town where they were born. A girl born in this town wants to grow, but she knows she has to leave her village and go on a new path. This gorgeous song connects most people’s lives. Who knows, they have to leave home to become someone, to run in a new direction.

These are the top 10 beautiful songs about changes, but there are more other beautiful songs about the change you need to listen to.

Songs Artist
Change Your Life Little Mix
100 Years To Live Five For Fighting
It’s All About To Change Travis Tritt
Wind of Change The Scorpions
Metamorphosis Hilary Duff
Change Faith Evans
It’s Getting Better Kathryn Ostenberg
Changes 3 Doors Down
Night Changes One Direction
Some People Change Montgomery Gentry
Better Day Saving Jane
Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing Stevie Wonder
Changes David Bowie
Back When I Knew It All Montgomery Gentry
Change Blind Melon
Everything Will Change Gavin McGraw
Starting With Me Jake Owen
Change Churchill
Change Tracy Chapman
Change Jennifer Nettles Band
Change the World Melissa Etheridge
Change White Lies
Change Good Charlotte
You Can’t Change That Ray Parker Jr.


We suggest you listen to these songs because these are very impactful songs and give you new positive feelings of changing your life for the better. Each song comes with their learning, and you need to understand the purpose of that song and what they want to deliver. Life can indeed be grateful when you start feeling better for your life.

Final Words

Listening to songs is a beautiful feeling, and if you listen to songs about change, it helps you focus on your change, what actions you need to take and enables you to be consistent for change to become a better you. We hope you love these songs; we’ve handpicked the best pieces about changes; you need to select your favorite play and feel it. Drop your comment and let me know which songs you like the most?

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