120 Roommate Tag Questions [2021] Interesting, Witty, Fun, Exciting Questions

We have an awesome list of roommate tag questions challenges for you! We know you somewhere want to relive the intriguing moments with your friends. Also, try these amazing roommate tag questions if you still are living with your roommates or just collect them someday and ask them to play with you.

The roommate tag questions challenge is all about knowing your roommates. Another perspective of the similar thing is to have fun with your friends. The wish is yours, even if you do it as “content creation”, we assure you of unlimited fun.

The core of the roommate game is not competitive and it is just designed in such a way that you and your roommate have fun. Giggles, laughs, cries, and rants are exposed while playing such a challenge. Everyone becomes a stand-up comedian and are on another level when they are with the people they are the most comfortable with.

You share all your secrets with your roommates. It often happens that you are more closer to your roommates than your family. It comes with few epic reasons, majorly counting freedom of speech and living life with people who have a similar mindset.

In this challenge, you and your roommates have to answer a series of questions whose difficulty will be leveled up after you and your roommates get comfortable. Well, you might wonder how to play the roommate tag question challenge. Do not panic we have got your back, head to the How to play the roommate tag question section and enjoy your time.

Here is how to play the roommate tag questions challenge.

To take up the roommate tag question challenge, you first have to set up with your roommates and then pick a certain number of questions that you wish to avail. Begin the game by asking questions one by one. As this game is not competitive, there is no such thing as a “winner” or a “loser”. The game is played to enjoy and have fun with your roommates.

Roommate Tag Questions

  • Who is the loudest?
  • Who makes the room look messier?
  • How did you guys meet each other for the first time?
  • Were you friends before becoming roommates?
  • Who is the acting mother of the house?
  • Who is the acting father of the house?
  • What was your first impression of each other?
  • Who takes the longest to get ready?
  • Who does the chores mostly?
  • Who amongst you is the most fragile?
  • Who amongst you gets frightened easily?
  • Have you ever walked in on the other person at a wrong timing?
  • Do you both wear your comfortable dresses around each other?
  • Any habit of your roommate that you get annoyed by?
  • Any habit of your roommate that you love the most?
  • Name one thing that you all have in common?
  • If there was anything you could throw out of the house, what would it be and why will you be doing so?
  • Have you ever caught your roommate secretly talking to someone?
  • What nicknames have you given to your roommate?
  • Do you go for any outdoor activities together?
  • What would your roommate prefer? Pizza OR Burger?
  • Who is always going out to eat more often?
  • Do you share your wardrobes with each other?
  • How well does your family know about your roommate?
  • What dish do you often cook when you feel hungry at 2 A.M at night?
  • Have you used the bathroom together? What was the emergency?
  • Who is always eating something or the other?
  • Describe the time when you covered up for your roommate by telling a lie?
  • Have you ever stolen any stuff from your roommate?
  • Have you both gone for any trip together? If yes, where and when? Did your roommate like the trip?
  • Have you ever tried to scare your roommate by pulling a prank or frightening him of some ghostly activity?
  • What dumbest thing you both have done together?
  • What is the primary reason of triggering arguments between you all?
  • Name a thing that you never noticed about your roommate before actually becoming roommates?
  • Do you use your roommate’s stuff without asking him/her?
  • What is your best memory with your roommate?
  • What do you all do to have fun or chill?
  • Who does the cooking? Do you cook together or separately?
  • Who spends most of the time standing in front of the mirror?
  • Do you go to gym or for playing any outdoor sports together?
  • What is the strangest thing that you got to know about each other after becoming roommates?
  • Have you ever shared your undies with each other?
  • Who is more passionate about their career?
  • Who is the mastermind of all the bold decisions?
  • Who sings while taking a shower?
  • Who is a better dancer?
  • Who often gets stuck in a wrong situation?
  • Who loves to take care of their skin?
  • Do you have any complaints against each other?
  • Who amongst you all is the party animal?
  • Who amongst you is a pet lover?
  • Who amongst you has a good sense of humor?
  • Who is self-obsessed?
  • How do you handle the other roommates when they are in a bad mood?
  • Have you ever been jealous of your roommate? What was the thing that made you jealous and did you tell him or her?
  • Have you seen any changes in your behaviors after becoming roommates?
  • Have you witnessed any cringy act of your roommate ever?
  • Who amongst you is an artistic person?
  • If your roommate could travel to any place in the world, where would they go?
  • Do you remember your roommate’s birthday? What did you do to surprise him/her for the last time?

Playing the roommate tag questions is the best way you can spend time and hang out with your roommate. A perfect opportunity to know your roommates. Choose from the questions mentioned above, there are a variety of questions such as funny, emotional, and deep questions. We hope that you picked the questions that you are eager to ask your roommate. Enjoy and have a fun time chilling with your roommates.

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