Interesting Questions To Ask Your Cousin [2021] 120+ Cousin Tag Questions

Questions To Ask Your Cousin: Getting cousins who spend time with you is a total blessing, rocking at family functions and spending time on vacations is a great time with your cousin. You can spend a great time at your home with these innovative questions that you can ask your cousin, they would be involved and you both would have a great time together.

Cousins are often closer than friends in real life but due to the distance or being not able to hang out together that often makes you both miss each other. Also, sometimes it happens that you both meet but have nothing fun to do, don’t worry, we have got your back. You can access these questions and have a fun tag game where your cousin or you can test how well do you know each other.

These questions can vary from being personal to fluky. Other than that, these questions are age variation friendly and there is no specific gender cap on the questions.

How to play the cousin Tag?

To play the cousin tag, one has to ask a question about anything they feel their cousin would know and the cousin has to answer the question, if your cousin is able to answer the question, he gets 1 point and if he is unable to answer he gets negative marking. This game is played in turns and each of you gets similar chances to ask a question.

Questions To Ask Your Cousin

These are the most featured and recommended questions that you can ask your cousin:

  • When was the first time you both opened up with each other?

This question helps you have a great recall of the best memory you have with each other. The “first-time” approach is special for all including both of you. If asked, this question can become small talk about any place or situation where you both were in a bad phase of life.

  • Describe each other in one word?

Funny or lovely conversation could strike up because of this question. The question is very random, can catch your cousin of guard, expectations from this question would be random and you cannot guess where this question takes your conversation to.

  • A thing you both have in common?

An interesting and thoughtful question that can toggle conversation. Would it not be great when you would be discussing about things you both have in common? You both must have a lot of or no similarities and the answer could be nothing as well, but the time you would spend thinking about the similarities would be priceless.

  • What is a bad habit that you don’t like about the other?

Tough question for you to answer, as your cousin would be waiting with his hand ready after you answer this question. Well, jokes apart this question is recreational and could help both of you in your personality development.

  • Favourite series to watch?

Boundaries are limitless and choices are different, you might get hit with numerous spoilers of shows and series you have decided to watch. These are assumptions and are totally based on how mischievous your cousin is.

These questions were some basic and obvious questions that you can pick from this list. Listed below are some other questions that can be picked during the game.

  • How did you both meet?
  • What is your best memory together?
  • What is your passion?
  • What dream job have you always thought of?
  • Text person or a call person?
  • Book reader or a documentary watcher?
  • Who takes more time to get ready?
  • A film that you both love?
  • If you would have the power to change a particular thing in the world? What would it be?
  • What was the last satisfactory thing you bought?
  • Where do you both chill for having fun?
  • Outdoor sports or Indoor sports person?
  • Any love life failures?
  • Do you sing or hear songs while taking shower?
  • Who is a better cook?
  • Who wakes up earlier?
  • What thing are you most scared of?
  • Any pretty or funny nicknames that you have given your cousin?
  • IOS or Android?
  • Formals or Casuals?
  • What pet would you love to have? Why?
  • Favourite fruit?
  • What is your favourite video game?
  • Did you ever have a crush on any of my friends?
  • Aggressive or Passive?
  • Soft-spoken or obscure?
  • Who is always late?
  • Internet or Offline?
  • The most troublesome memory you both have together?
  • Tell 3 dissimilarities?
  • The funniest thing that you both love to watch/play?
  • What are your cousins most used words or slang?
  • What is my shoe size?
  • What is my favourite colour?
  • Have you introduced your cousin to your friends?
  • Mac or Windows person?
  • What is the weirdest flex you have ever done?
  • What is the toughest thing you pulled off in style?
  • Who is more experienced and matured in life?
  • Who is the mastermind of all the mischiefs?
  • Who has the craziest ideas for travelling?
  • Wanderlust or enjoying at the home person?
  • Who is the better photographer and editor?
  • Who more often gets proposals?
  • Show the last picture you have in your gallery?
  • A game that you often play together? Offline or online?
  • Coffee or Tea?
  • Who loves to spend time on the beach more?
  • What place would you take your cousin to?
  • If the world is ending, and you have an option to save one person, would it be your cousin?
  • What kind of memes do you find funny?
  • Who you think will get married first?
  • A game that you both played together in your childhood?
  • Who is a better comedian?
  • What do you both tell each other when you are mad?
  • Who get scared more easily?
  • Who is more fragile?
  • Who is the stronger one? Why?
  • Who spoils series?
  • Do you watch anime?
  • Ever planned for watching a horror movie together?
  • Do you let your cousin wear your clothes?
  • Do you love your cousin?
  • Whose parents would not allow for going out till late?
  • Who is more active online?
  • Who has the rich taste in food?
  • Who is the one who always drives when you are going out?
  • Have you ever been on a long drive with your cousin? When?
  • Do you guys have similar hobbies?
  • Describe your cousin in a single sentence.
  • Who is more beautiful/handsome?
  • Who has a lot of work experience?
  • Who likes to listen to music while driving?

Certain questions only top the list of ‘Questions To Ask Your Cousin’, these questions can hype up your conversation and you and your cousin would have a lovely time together playing the tag game. Such questions trigger feelings and emotions that you both would have been hiding from each other. You should not be scared about anything triggering your cousin. Asking questions and confronting each other would develop the bond.

We collect Interesting Questions To Ask Your Cousin on the above list. We have all these questions mixed in a list above, make sure you check all these questions and remember the ones you find interesting.

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