50 Best Itachi Quotes Of All Time

Itachi, whose full name is “Itachi Uchiha” is a fictional character and the older brother of Sasuke, who is one of the most famous characters of Naruto manga. The manga was created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Itachi is also known for being the one who is responsible for killing the whole Uchiha clan. He also worked as a terrorist In the organization called Akatsuki and served as the biggest rival of Sasuke. He was also involved in attacking ninjas of the village and possessed tailed beast creatures until he faced Sasuke in a one-to-one battle.

He belongs to the village of Konohagakure and is a proud member of the Uchiha Clan. According to the manga, he is a child prodigy and is a member of the who established several milestones during his life.

Most of his childhood was spent during the war and is a master at the same. Over the several years, Itachi provided intelligence to the clan’s active role and became a member of the ANBU. After many years at the war zone, Itachi realized that he wants to stay away from all this. He was then removed from the clan because he was accused of attacking the village in which he was living.

When Itachi realized that he was not wanted in the clan, he began to distance himself from the same. Some people also believed in the fact that he murdered one of the villagers named Shishui Uchiha.

Itachi’s character is one of the most famous ones that has been praised by the critics of the manga. Although he appeared as an antagonist in the script, he played one of the most vital roles. Some say that his fights were one of the best in the series.

In this article, we have gathered some of the best quotes said by Itachi in the Naruto series. So, let’s not waste any more time, and dive into the real content:

Best Quotes By Itachi

  • “Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning, for humankind cannot gain anything in return.”
  • “Even the strongest of opponents always has a weakness.”
  • “Even if it’s just a little. And no matter what you decide to do from here on out, you never have to forgive me – I will always love you.”
  • “True Change cannot be made if it is bound by laws and limitations, predictions and imagination.”
  • “However strong you become, never seek to bear everything alone. If you do, failure is certain.”
  • “So tell me where should I go, to the left where nothing is right or to the right where nothing is left?”
  • “My foolish brother… If you want to kill me… curse me! Hate me! And live a long and unsightly life… Run away… run away… and cling to your pitiful life. And then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me.”

Famous Quotes By Itachi

  • “I always lied to you telling you to forgive me. I used these hands to keep you at distance… I did not want you to get involved. But now… I think you could have changed father and mother.”
  • “You and I are flesh and blood. I’m always going to be there for you, even if it’s only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me. That’s what big brothers are for.”
  • “Those who forgive themselves, and are able to accept their true nature… They are the strong ones!”
  • “Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow. That is a true shinobi.”
  • “No one who dares to raise their hand against a comrade ever dies a decent death, remember that.”
  • “It is not wise to judge others based on your own preconceptions and by their apperances.”

Sad Quotes By Itachi

  • “People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.”
  • “Those who turn their hands against their comrades are sure to die a terrible death. Be prepared.”
  • “We do not know what kind of people we truly are until the moment before our deaths. As death comes to embrace you, you will realize what you are.”
  • “Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions. Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation.”
  • “I failed. I won’t put myself above you and tell you this and that, it’s too late. So this time for once, let me tell you one small truth. It’s all right if you never forgive me, but no matter what you become, I will always love you.”
  • “The village does have its dark side and its inconsistencies, but I’m still Konoha’s Itachi Uchiha.”

Inspiring Quotes By Itachi

  • “You don’t become the Hokage to be acknowledged by everyone. The one who is acknowledged by everyone becomes the Hokage.”
  • “Don’t cry, Sasuke. Your big brother is here to protect you, no matter what happens.”
  • “Not true, were both human not fish.”
  • “Ah love this one! Just straight-up self-awareness. I think this one means so much. You have to acknowledge not just the good parts about you but also all the bad parts about yourself.”
  • “No matter what darkness or contradictions lie within the village. I am still Itachi Uchiha of the leaf.”
  • “Those who cannot acknowledge themselves, will eventually fail.”
  • “I am always going to be there for you, even if it is only as an obstacle for you to overcome, you and I have to live together, even if it means hating each other, that…is what big brothers are for.”

Powerful Quotes By Itachi

  • “If you lie to yourself how can you have friends or be trustworthy. In the end, all these lies will keep you from seeing your true self.”
  • “The mark of a true Shinobi is that they do not seek in glory. They protect from the shadows.”
  • “If you want to know who you are, you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see.”
  • “In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony Shinobi’s blessing. But because, I’m enlightened by my intelligence.”
  • “Your comrades are there to make up for what you cannot do and to prevent you from ignoring things that you actually might have been able to do.”
  • “You don’t ever have to forgive me. No matter what you decide to do from now, I will love you forever.”
  • “Any technique is worthless before my eyes.”