60 Foods That Start With H

Who doesn’t want to know fun facts about food? There are so many varieties of food in this world that we all will get tired if we start naming all of them. But we tried to provide you with a list of some unique food items that are very popular and are an essential part of a few cuisines. We have provided you with a list of 60 foods that start with the letter H. We hope you enjoy learning or knowing exciting facts about some delicious food items that start with the letter H.2

Foods That Begin With The Letter H

These are 60 Foods that start with H.

Hazelnut chocolate

Hazelnut chocolate is a delicious dessert made from Hazelnut, a type of nut rich in many nutrients. It is made by mixing chocolate, hazelnut, milk, and other ingredients as required. Hazelnut chocolate is also used as our chocolate spread and can be eaten in many ways. For example, it can be used as a cocoa spread on the loaf of bread, chapati, or any item as desired. It is prevalent in many nations, and people enjoy it with love. It is delicious and was first introduced in 1964 by an Italian company. 

Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles are Chinese cuisine. It is a flat and thin noodle made from a dough mixture of wheat and rice flour. This type of noodle is made with rice or wheat flour, and it has a high amount of carbohydrates. There is also a good source of energy. Vegetables are added, which makes it more healthy and full of fiber and protein. Not only in China but all around the world, it is a very famous and goes-to food. It is delicious and a portion of favorite junk food that is loved by all.


A hamburger is a food item made from one or more bread slices and mainly beef pieces placed inside the slices. They are very delicious and loaded with a lot of vegetables. Lettuce, ketchup, cheese, tomato, chilies, onions, mayonnaise, and many other items are added to make it tasty. It can be eaten alone or as a side dish. They are very filling. The beef patty is made by marinating and roasting. When a hamburger is made with cheese, it is called a cheese hamburger. It is enjoyed all around the world. You can also make the chicken burger in the same style.


Ham is a leg piece of pork mainly derived from dry cutting. It is processed meat and thus as both natural meat and mechanically added form. It is made around the world and used in many cuisines. They are made using both traditional and modern methods. Conventionally, only salt is used as the curative agent. However, it can also be preserved but must be had in small amounts as it is red meat and is a source of fat. If eaten in small quantities, then people can enjoy the proteins and vitamins present in them.


Herbs are widespread and distribute groups of herbaceous plants. They are not vegetables and are filled with micronutrients. They are used for adding aroma and flavors to food items. It is widely used as a culinary item and used for medical purposes, and sometimes used even for spiritual purposes. They are suitable for health and also add good qualities to the food. People love using it in their kitchen.

Hath maaluwa

Hathmaluwa is a dish belonging to Sri Lankan cuisine. It is made by mixing vegetables, curry leaves, and loaded flavors and is a good source for a healthy diet. They are rich in many nutrients as they are filled with vegetables. It is a dish consumed at auspicious times. Potatoes, leek, eggplant, chickpeas, and many other items are used. Coconut milk is an essential ingredient in this dish. They are made by mainly boiling them. It is very light and filling and delicious to eat.


Honey is a sweet substance made by honey bees. The bees make honey from the sugar secreted from plants. Honey is used for many purposes such as cooking, medicinal use, for applying it as a beauty product. It has a high amount of nutrients and is filled with good quality. It is used as a sweetener and said to cure cough. They are rich in antioxidants and help in maintaining low cholesterol levels. People with high blood pressure can replace sugar with honey.

Hot dog

The hot dog is a dish made with grilled sausage. The grilled sausage is placed between the bread, which is cut in between. It is loaded with sauce and ketchup. Mayonnaise, olives, bacon is used. It is loved by all and is mainly a dish famous in The United States of America. However, the sausage is also traded to other countries. There are many ways of making this, and they also have many variations. It is delicious and a portion of perfect street food to have. 

Husk tomato

Husk Tomatoes are also called tomatillos. They are mainly a staple food item in Mexican dishes. They have a high amount of fiber and help in improving the digestive system. They maintain low cholesterol levels and help in maintaining good heart health. They are loaded with antioxidants and help in lowering the risk of cancer. They are also rich in vitamin C. Including them will be a good idea if you want to stay healthy.


Halva is a dish that mainly has its origin in West Asia. It has variations, and it is made with semolina, carrot, wheat, and a few other items. It is topped with dry fruits and dates. It is made of ghee which makes it a good source of protein. In India, halva is highly popular and made during any occasion or festival. They are good in taste and even served as Prashad in religious places. The style of preparing halva depends from person to person. It has a sweet and rich aroma and is brilliant in taste.


Horlicks is a powdered item used mainly to add flavor to the milk or warm water. The main ingredient used is wheat and a mixture of vitamins and minerals. It is widely used around the world and is loved not only by children but also adults. It is rich in vitamins and iron, calcium, and zinc. It helps in keeping the immune system healthy and helps with tiredness and fatigue.

Hot pockets

Hot pockets are an American brand, mainly different kinds of vegetables, cheese, and meat. There are about 50 varieties of hot pockets and can be eaten for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. They have many flavors but are not considered to be very healthy. Must eat in meditation. They are crunchy, crispy, and stuffed with many delicious ingredients. 

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is made by melting the chocolate pieces through a double boiler process and adding milk. It is an innovative and tasty way to drink milk. It is rich in calcium, which helps remove the risk of fractures, and has many other suitable values. It is widely consumed in many nations. It is ideal for heart health and is a tasty treat for anyone. In addition, they have high antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is good to drink a small amount of hot chocolate daily.


Hackberry is a deciduous and evergreen tree that has a flowering plant. It is used for medicines or food. It is used highly in folk medicines, mainly because of bioactive compounds. Each fruit has only one seed. Some woods can be used as firewood or for manufacturing cheap furniture. It is tasty to eat and has many nutritional properties.

Hala fruit

Hala Fruit is a small, hardy plant that is native to South Asia. It has some familiar names such as pandanus, beach pandan, and many more. The leaves are deep green and color, and the fruit is pineapple-like large. It is suitable for heart health and helps in boosting energy. They are a good source of dietary fiber and help with menstrual cramps. They also help in maintaining weight and provide relaxation.

Honey locust

Honey locust is a deciduous tree that has its origin in America. It is a very adaptable plant and has other names such as thorny locust or thorny honey locust. They grow fast but have a medium to long lifespan. They are soft and green when young but on to read as they grow. Family popular as ornamental plants but also used for food and Timber. The pulp of this plant is edible. The wood derived from this plant is very durable, and cattle can also eat this plant.

Highbush Blueberry

Highbush blueberries are a variety of blueberry families. It is highly nutritious and popular. It is blue and is labeled as a superfood. They are low in calories and have high nutrients in them. They have a high amount of fiber, vitamins and are mainly cultivated in the United States of America. They also help in maintaining a good cholesterol level and blood sugar level. It is widely used in breakfast with cereals can also be used with other food items or eaten alone.

Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp Apple is a variety of Apple that developed for the first time in many Minnesota. As they have low calories, they help in maintaining blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. They are diet-friendly fruits and diabetic friendly too. They were all loaded with antioxidants which had been preventing the risk of cancer. They are an excellent choice of fiber and also help in maintaining a healthy immune system. It is often recommended to have one piece of apple daily as it keeps the health in check. They have a long life when stored in cool and dry conditions and are sweet and tasty.

Handi chicken

Handi chicken is a way of cooking chicken in a utensil called handi. Handi chicken is trendy and delicious. In Indian cuisines, it is a favorite dish of many. It is loaded with spices and flavors. The aroma is rich. Chicken is a good source of protein. It can be eaten with roti, chapati, or naan mainly as lunch or dinner.

Handi paneer

Handi paneer is a unique way of cooking paneer dishes in a cooking basin called handi. Handi paneer is a trendy and delicious vegetarian dish. In Indian cuisines, it is a favorite dish of many. It is loaded with spices and flavors. The aroma is rich. It is a good source of protein. It can be eaten with roti, chapati, or naan mainly as lunch or dinner. Paneer helps in reducing the risk of cancer and helps in building better bones and teeth.

Hyderabadi biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is a way of cooking biryani that has its origin in the kitchen of Nissan of Hyderabad. It is a crucial dish of Mughlai cuisine. It has rich spices, and chicken and rice are the main ingredients. And we cooked with chicken, goat meat, or just potato. Ghee is used with cardamom and cloves to make it delicious.

Hari chutney

Green chutney is a sauce-like dish made with a mixture of fresh and green mint, garlic, coriander, cumin, and ginger. It is one of the popular chutneys eaten with almost all types of Indian snacks, sandwiches, chaats, pakoras, etc. It has a rich and unique aroma of fresh leafy greens. It is also eaten with rice and many types of curry. It is the basic chutney that goes with almost any food present in Indian cuisine.

Hariyali chicken

Hariyali chicken is a delicious curry made with a mixture of Fenugreek, coriander, and spinach. It is eaten with rice and chapatis. It has a very delicious taste and has a rich aroma. Chicken is the main ingredient, and it is considered a prevalent food in Indian cuisine. The Kasuri methi used in this adds an exquisite taste and aroma, making it hard to deny. All the non-vegetarians love it. Chicken is present in it, which makes it better as it adds nutritious value. Spinach provides a high amount of dietary fiber and proteins and helps in fighting many diseases.

Ham sandwich

The ham sandwich is a type of sandwich made with bread that is toasted and fresh. A variety of toppings are added like cheese, vegetables, lettuce, onion, tomato, and many other food items. It is also layered with mustard and mayonnaise. Cooked Sliced bread and cheese are available in the market. Ham is packed with nutrients; however, doctors recommend eating in low quantity to prevent the risk of bowel cancer.

Hero sandwich

Hero sandwich is also called a submarine sandwich. It is believed to have originated in Italy. It is served hot or cold. It may have various names. It is made with chicken patty but can also use pork. 

Chicken, bread loaf is the main ingredients. It is layered with mayonnaise, sauce, and other exciting items. Chicken gets a lot of protein into the body.


Hazelnut is a type of nut which is rich in many nutrients. They make a healthy and tasty snack. They can be eaten alone or added to chocolate or any item to make it more delicious. Hazelnuts support good bowel movements and help in reducing weight gain. They are rich in antioxidants and help in maintaining a sound immunity system. They are low in cholesterol levels and help in reducing inflammation. 

Happy meals 

A happy meal is a type of meal from McDonald’s. It has been sold to children since the 1970s. Many kinds of goodies are included with it, such as a toy or a book. This meal mainly contains chicken nuggets, hamburgers, french fries, and a drink. In many nations, the choices are extended depending upon the liking of people. People can also opt for healthy options such as salads, pasta, or any wrap. It is very famous among people, especially children. The meal is loaded with delicious and nutritious items and is a go-to treat for anyone who wants to enjoy some treats.

Hunan Chicken

Hunan Chicken is a food item from Chinese cuisine. In this classic chicken dish, various spices and ingredients are added, such as broccoli, bamboo shoots, ginger and garlic, and mushrooms are used. They are stir-fried in a delicious and rich sauce made with wine vinegar, oysters, and chili sauce. Hunan Chicken can be paired with chow mein or noodles or can also be enjoyed alone. It is one of the delicious dishes loaded with a good quantity of nutrients. It is appreciated and loved by many Chinese cuisine lovers. It can be made at home or can be ordered in any restaurant.


Halal is the Islamic form of slaughtering animals such as children, beef, or goat meat. The blood is drained out of the halal meat. In addition, they have antioxidants but must eat everything in moderation.

Hot pepper

Hot pepper is also called chili pepper, a berry-fruit of a plant. It is widely used in many dishes and is a part of the main ingredients added in various cuisines. Another category of hot pepper is the bell pepper. It is believed to have originated in Mexico. Bell peppers, jalapenos, and other variations are added to dishes to add taste and flavor. It makes the food .tastier

Honeydew melon

Honeydew melon is also known as a honey melon. Its flesh is sweet and has yellow-green skin. It is full of nutrients and is suitable for bone health. It improves blood sugar levels and also boosts the immune system.


Horseradish is a root vegetable and is cultivated worldwide. It is packed with nutrients. It helps in digestion and has antibacterial properties. It is suitable for the immune system and good for digestion. It also helps in weight loss. It is used for cooking or making a salad or can also be eaten raw.

Hilsa fish

Hilsa fish is a very famous variety of fish. It is also known as ilish. It is viral in the Chandpur District, Bangladesh. It is loved by all the people, especially in West Bengal and Bangladesh. It is a very famous and expensive fish. The price of the fish depends on the weight and size. 

Honey cake

Honey cake is a trendy dessert in South Indian cuisine. It has its origin in the Iyengar bakery. It is made with whole wheat flour and is a very healthy version of cakes. Unrefined cane sugar is used to add taste. As the name suggests, honey is the key ingredient. It is very delicious and trendy in the south and other households in other parts of India.

Holiday brownie pie

Holiday brownie pie is a delicious dessert made by adding two or three tasty food items and making a delicious dessert. It is made by baking the brownie batter until it is in its best form. The cake is topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup. It is very delicious and a trendy dessert. It is usually served hot.


A haddock is a type of saltwater fish found in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a tiny mouth and an elongated, tapering form. It has a distinctive triangular first dorsal thin that makes it easy to identify. It’s a popular fish that may prepare in various ways and is commonly served with a tartare sauce.


This fish can grow 3 feet 3 inches (1 meter) long and is found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Hake’s dorsal fins are narrow and spiky, with tiny pointed feet. These fish are prevalent in the culinary world, and they may be prepared in various ways.


One of the five mother sauces of French cuisine, hollandaise is one of the earliest and most famous sauces. It’s an egg yolk, softened butter, and lemon juice emulsion. As a mother sauce, it naturally serves as the foundation for various other spices, including Béarnaise and Au Vin Blanc. However, the most well-known application of Hollandaise sauce is on traditional Eggs Benedict.


Chickpeas are blended with oil, tahini, and various other spices to make this Arabic condiment. It’s served with crudités, crackers, or any other meal as a dip or spread. Many more components, such as beetroot, are now utilized to make hummus.


Haggis is a delicious Scottish dessert made from the liver, kidneys, heart, and stomach of a sheep and onions, oats, suet (hard fat), and a variety of spices. The contents were traditionally cooked while enclosed in the animals’ stomachs but can now cook in artificial casings.

Havarti cheese

This semi-soft Danish cheese is prepared from cow’s milk and is easy to slice. It’s yellow in hue and has a few holes on the inside. It is aged for three months but not for any longer or shorter period.

Hash browns

These are crunchy mashed potatoes that have been deep-fried. They come in various shapes and sizes and, depending on where they’re from, and may contain different components. They’re meant to be eaten for breakfast, but they can also be served as a side dish. You can even find it in some meals, such as a hash brown casserole.

Habanero pepper

These peppers are among the hottest on the market, with SHUs ranging from 100 000 to 350 000. (Scoville Heat Units). They are green when unripe but turn red and yellow as they mature, with purple and white variations appearing sometimes. These peppers are not only fiery but also tasty and are commonly used to make flavors as sauces.


Hares are classed as game meat because they resemble rabbits. Because they are low in fat, they are a healthier alternative to fatty meats. They’re utilized in a variety of cultures and cuisines, including Hasenpfeffer.

Heart cherry

A heart cherry is simply that: a cherry in the shape of a heart. It’s about the size of a regular cherry and vivid red. This fruit can be eaten raw, preserved, or cooked in various dishes from various cuisines.


Harissa is a Tunisian chili paste with a fiery kick. Roasted red peppers, Buklouti or jalapeno peppers, olive oil, and various spices, including coriander and cumin, are used to make it. Different recipes and ingredients are used in other parts of the world. Harissa is used primarily as a seasoning for sauces and stews.


A terrine cooked from the flesh of calves or pigs’ heads is known as headcheese. There is no dairy in the meat because it is encased in jelly. It can also utilize meat from sheep and cows, but it is less usual.

Final Words

We hope we have provided you with all the exciting facts and food items you were looking for. We tried to make your task easier by providing a list of exciting food items and essential information. You might not be able to collect all the information about the food whose name starts with the letter “H,” but you will get most of the insight from this article which contains the dishes, fruits, and vegetables from all over the world. 

Food has no end as there are numerous cuisines and various dishes that are part of those cuisines. It is fun to know so much about them. We hope you liked our work. Please let us know if we forgot to add anything.

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