60 Foods That Start With F

Do you know there are uncountable food items that start with the letter F? We have managed to provide you with 60 food items that start with the letter F. Food is one of the things which is not liked to be compromised by anyone. Food is an exciting topic, and everyone loves to know interesting facts about a variety of food. So let’s find some unique and interesting facts about them. We have done complete research on this and come up with a lot of information. The list covers fruits, vegetables, fluids, and anything edible.

Let’s jump into everything you need to know about the foods that start with F.

Foods That Begin With The Letter F

These are 60 Foods that start with F.


Fennel is a Mediterranean food item. It is both vegetable and herb. The best thing about this is that it is entirely edible, so you will never have to waste anything. Fennel is often described as “anise-flavored,” If you are not okay with an intense, sweet, chewy, and aromatic smell, you may not like this food item much. However, the flavor is delicate and mild when it’s eaten fresh. It is a perennial herb with yellow flowers and has feathery leaves.


It is a Middle Eastern snack that is deep-fried. It is made from ground chickpeas, fava beans or broad beans, or a combination of both. It is patty shaped and commonly served with pita. They are topped with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, and a few other items when served. It has become popular in recent years and can be eaten alone as a snack or part of a whole meal. Sandwiches made using the same process are also referred to as Falafel.


Focaccia is oven-baked Italian bread. It is similar to pizza in terms of looks and texture. It is a flatbread and is usually served with a side dish or sandwich bread. It has countless variations. Focaccia with cheese is very famous in Recco. It has cheese sandwiched between two layers of thin dough. The other variety of Focaccia is covered with sauce or ham, and it also has sweet versions with creams and fruits. There are also other ingredients used like goat cheese, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and rosemary.


Fasnacht is originally from Germany. It is fried dough and served traditionally at Carnivals, Fasnacht, or on Shrove Thursday. They are enjoyed all around the world and are eaten mainly during special occasions. It is a way of using up any lard and sugar in homes before fasting starts. It tastes fabulous and is a great dough treat during carnivals and other special occasions. 

Fava Beans

Fava Beans are also known as Broad beans throughout Europe. It is a flowering plant and a part of the bean family. Fava beans are believed to be a part of the Mediterranean diet sometimes before 6000 BCE. They are enjoyed globally and work great with salads, soups, or even raw as a healthy snack. It is a good source of protein and is beneficial. It is widely cultivated as a crop for human consumption. Fava Beans are of many varieties, small, hard, and are also fed to horses and other animals. It is broad and leathery and green in color but matures into dark blackish-brown.


It is a small white and salty cheese that originated in Greece. It is made from sheep milk and bought in blocks. It has soft and compact touch. It has no holes and skill but has few cuts. They are great appetizers and can also be taken as side dishes. It is the main ingredient in salads, main dishes, and savory pastries. It has a tangy, salty flavor, ranging from mild to vigorous. It is often served with olive oils or olives and sprinkled with aromatic herbs. Sandwiches and omelets are also made using Feta.


Figs are delicate food items and are prepared very carefully. They originated in Asia and have a bunch of different varieties. So we can enjoy them all all-round the year. They are perishable, so they are dried to preserve them. They have a unique sweet taste and are very soft and chewy. They are a part of the mulberry family. They vary in color and texture. The fun fact about Figs is that they were used as sweeteners before refined sugar was known to people.


Frittata is an Italian dish. It is an egg-based dish and is often confused with an omelet. It is filled with different vegetables, herbs, and cheese. They can be enjoyed as a good breakfast or as a light dinner. They are made using the same way in which omelet is made. In some varieties, meat is also added. The most prevalent ingredient used is cubed potato and is combined with beaten egg mixture. They are an Italian version of a Spanish omelet served with fried potatoes.

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup originated in France, as the name suggests. It is a meat stock, and onions are served with large pieces of bread. The main ingredient of French onion soup is onions, beef, chicken stock, and grated cheese. They are cooked with caramelized onions and then laced with white wine. Milk is also added sometimes, and it may or may not be grated.


Flaxseeds are considered to have super-food qualities. It is also known as linseed. They are packed with proteins, fibers, and vitamins, and this is why they are used in salads, quinoas, cereals, and other healthy meals. They are also used in health drinks and milkshakes. It is perfect for hairs, skin and provides a lot of proteins. One can go for flaxseed oil (cold-pressed) for cooking. It is obtained from a flowering plant that is pure pale blue and has five petals.


Striping potatoes make fries, and then they are fried in hot oil. They are cooked by frying them twice in the oil. When fried for the 1st time, it is to make sure that the potatoes are cooked well and then fried to make it crispy. It can be served with fried chicken, sandwiches, burgers and any dish you wish. They are a popular side dish and are very famous, especially among young people. It is enjoyed worldwide. They are served with tomato sauce. There are many variations, such as Wingstop fries, nacho fries, and so on.


Fricandeau is a traditional dish. It consists of larded, braised veal and is glazed using the juices of the veal. Veal is the flesh of a young calf. It can be made with pork or other meat but is generally cooked with veal. The outcome after applying a glaze is outstanding. It is most prevalent in a foreign land and is enjoyed by all. They can be formed in any shape as one likes. They are delicate and highly flavored. The origin of this Fricandeau is believed to be France. Onion, carrot, olive oil, and tomato are the main ingredients other than veal.


Frangipane is an Italian word named after Marquis Muzio Frangipani. Frangipane is custard used in different dishes such as cakes, pastries, tart, etc. It is sweet and tastes like almonds. It was initially designed as a custard tart flavored with almonds or pistachios. However, it can also be used as a filling in various baked items and other dishes. The ingredients used are butter, sugar, eggs, and ground almonds. The cake made with this is beautifully decorated with stars, crowns, and other decorated items.

Fox Grape

Fox grapes are woody plants that help in decreasing blood pressure. They help in improving the fluid in your blood. It also helps in maintaining healthy tissues and prevents the DNA from mutating. It is the best fruit if you wish to stay healthy and want to keep a healthy body. It is a species of grapevines belonging to a flowering plant called Vitaceae. They have many varieties and also vary in color, such as red, white and so on. It also has other benefits and is enjoyed by all.


Fettuccini is pasta and is thin and flat in shape. It is used to make tasty dishes such as chicken alfredo. The Fenugreek seeds are consumable and are used for seasoning various cuisines. It is primarily used in preparing curry. They are predominantly yellow or purple flowers and are very sweet when ripe and are mainly eaten when fresh. They are a healthy source of food and also help in decreasing the risk of getting heart disease. It is recommended to be consumed regularly.

Fairchild Tangerine

Fairchild Tangerine is classified as hybrid citrus fruit. They have a thin, pebbly texture and have very juicy and bright orange inner segments. They are low in acidity and become sweeter as they mature. It is a type of mandarin. They do not peel as quickly as other tangerines and are a trendy variety in the United States of America. In California, it is heavily planted. It is juicy and rich and contains seeds. It is prevalent and loved by all around the globe.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is highly priced and is considered to be the tenderest piece of steak. It is positively packed with nutrients and is very filling. All love them, but the availability of the meat is often quite limited. It is usually eaten during fancy dinner dates or infancy and inexpensive restaurants. It requires little to no seasoning because of the delicious juice. It is also sometimes described as beef tenderloin. Bacon is often used in cooking filet mignon as the piece is contained with low fat. It is cooked in a traditional method.


Fenugreek is a type of herb and comes from the same family as soy. It is similar to clover. Discovered the fenugreek seeds in the Mediterranean region. It is used as a sweetener, medicine, and even in vegetables. It is famous and praised for its anti-diabetic effects. It is often taken as a drink by soaking the seeds overnight. It is packed with proteins and vitamins. It has been used as a culinary ingredient for ages. We can see fenugreek seeds in Iraq. Even used it to add flavors to the wine.


Feijoa is a flowering plant. It is native to Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Colombia. It is highly cultivated for its fruit. It is known by other names, such as pineapple guava, gyavasteen but in reality, it is not natural guava. The fruit matures in autumn and is green in color, and has a chicken egg’s size. The flesh is juicy, and the fruit has a gritty texture. The smell of feijoa resembles the scent of some delicate perfume. They grow in warm temperatures and are of different varieties.


Fioretto is a flat-out hybrid and resembles broccoli and cauliflower. It has a white color of cauliflower on the top, but the stems are green like broccoli. It has a delicate texture than cauliflower and has a slightly sweet taste. It tastes grassy when eaten raw. It is sauteed or stir-fried for a minute to add a golden caramelized texture. It is seasoned with salt and pepper or a small amount of curry powder. It is sweet and tender and has more flavor than an average cauliflower.


Flathead is a highly versatile fish that suits many cooking methods. The fish is roasted, grilled, steamed, or even marinated. The layer of fat makes it ideal for high-temperature cooking. The flesh of the fish is slightly dry and coarse, but to avoid this, we can use gentle cooking methods to prevent it. There are around 40 types of flathead fish found and are available throughout the year. It has a fresh, clean, and firm texture, and sometimes it can be eaten raw or after marination.

Frog Legs

Frog legs are a delicacy in French and Chinese cuisines. Frog legs are jam-packed with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and potassium. They taste almost similar to chicken and have a mild flavor. The texture of frog wings is identical to that of chicken wings. It is used in world cuisines such as in China, Indonesia, Italy, Slovenia, etc. They are trendy and eaten by a large crowd of people. As it is filled with protein, it is a good food item to meet the health requirements.

French Toast

French toast is a food item made with sliced bread, soaked in beaten eggs and milk, and then pan-fried. It is also known by different names: Bombay toast, gypsy toast, poor knights, and eggy bread. French toast has been traced back to the times of the Roman Empire. It is a sweet dish and not savory bread. Milk, sugar, and vanilla are also commonly used before pan-frying it. They are topped with butter, fruit, or syrup. However, it can also be served with ketchup or mayonnaise.


Fireweed is an edible flowering plant. It also looks pretty and is mainly famous in the areas of North America, especially Alaska. The petals have a pink shade. When seen in abundance, it seems like a purple carpet. The flowers and buds are used for garnishing and are even used to make fireweed jelly. The leaves can also be eaten raw in salads or sautéed with other vegetables.


Fungi such as yeast, mushrooms are used in almost all cuisines. Believe it or not, a lot of foods that you consume daily consist of fungus. There is a lot of variety, such as soy sauce, salami, ketchup, dried fruits, and blue cheese.


Flatbread is a combination of both pita and naan. It is also called unleavened bread and is usually made without a year. It is believed to have originated in Egypt and has been adopted and modified in many different nations. The flatbread is like naan made in India. Naan is a trendy food item in Indian cuisines as well. It can also be used to make pizza or can be packed full of ingredients.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt is made from Yogurt and cream and is usually regarded as a healthy alternative to ice-creams. However, it is not recognized by the FDA. It is made using cultured milk like regular Yogurt, but it has a mild sour flavor compared to regular Yogurt. Frozen Yogurt contains fewer calories and fat than ice cream but makes sure you check for added preservatives if you buy it from the market or have it in a restaurant.

Fish Sticks

Fish Sticks are regular slices of processed fish. They are coated in breadcrumbs, and then they are baked or deep-fried in oil. One fun fact about this is that it was developed out of hunger and food shortage in The United Kingdom shortly after World War I. They are usually made with cheap fish such as cod, hake and so on. It is enjoyed all around the globe, and they are delicious to eat.

French Beans

French beans are usually consumed with green beans, but they are not similar. The French beans are much smaller than the green beans, and French beans consist of soft and velvety pods. The French beans are delicate, sweet, tender, and crispy and are suitable for cooking in different ways. They work best with curry and stir-fry dishes but can also be added to other kinds of containers.

Flour Tortillas

Flour tortillas are made with the wheat dough by simply mixing water and then pressed and cooked in a pan similar to what is done in corn tortillas. They are soft and chewy and contain a handful of wheat flour, water, fat, and sugar. Tortillas are like chapattis which are had in India almost daily.


Flan refers to two types of food items. The one is baked like custard dessert and usually topped with caramel, and the other thing is a tart-like sweet pastry with fruit filling. It is commonly made using milk, eggs, and sweetener. It is famous and is eaten in various nations. It has a lot of varieties and has been modified by different countries in different styles.


Fudge is a favorite food item of many people around the globe. Apart from ice-creams and cakes, you can also enjoy it alone. It is a variety of candy that is made using mixing sugar, butter, and milk. It is a very famous gift option and is also found in places to attract tourists and is loved by kids a lot. Can make it in any flavor and also can add any topping or ingredient of your choice.


Fondue is a dipping piece of specific food item in melted cheese and is considered a national dish of the beautiful nation named Switzerland. Camembert is the standard melted cheese mainly used because of its excellent melting properties and mild flavor. Foods that can be used as fondue are bread, crotons, vegetables, roasted potatoes, and even steak pieces.


It is an old dish which is jelly-roll type. It is potato-based candy and is mainly famous amongst school-going children. Traditionally it is made using mashed potatoes, and peanut butter flow through it. It is loved by children and is made in school bake sales and events as well.


Fondant is a mixture of sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerol. It is used to make icing for decorating cakes, especially on birthdays and anniversaries or any occasion. It is like stiff clay in texture. It adds beauty to the cake and makes it more attractive.

Final Words

We have provided you with the most exciting foods start with F. We hope this list provides you with all the necessary information that you were looking for. If you come up with any new food items that we have not mentioned, please let us know in the comment section.

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