60 Foods That Start With D

You might be having trouble coming up with diverse cuisines that begin with the letter D. Don’t worry, and this article will give you a list of Foods That Start With D. You’ll also be able to tell if you’ve tried these dishes before. This list includes a variety of edible foods from various categories. Please let us know if you know of any other foods that begin with the letter D in the comments section. Let’s get started.

Foods That Begin With The Letter D

The list of food items that starts with the letter ‘D’ is as follows:


Though dandelions are commonly thought of as nothing more than weeds, they make excellent salad leaves. When it comes to picking your own, the best time to do so is in the spring, when the leaves are young and delicious, and before the plant blooms.

They are nutrient-dense vegetables that are abundant in vitamins and minerals and maybe consumed both cooked and raw.

Dagwood Sandwich

A dagwood sandwich is a large, multi-layered sandwich made with a variety of meats, cheeses, and spices. It takes its name from Dagwood Bumstead, an essential character in the Blondie comic strip, notorious for cooking enormous sandwiches.

These sandwiches’ specific contents are unknown. However, they appear to contain a variety of cold cuts, sliced cheese, and veggies. Extra slices of bread are used to divide these layers.

Dried Squid

You can get different sections of the squid, such as the tentacles or the body, in dried squid in the shape of thin strands that are easier to consume. Roasting is the most common cooking method because it preserves the original flavors, which are generally more flavorful than processed alternatives.

Processed varieties are also available, which some people like, and they are frequently seasoned with sugar, salt, and a variety of spices. Those cooked fresh and unprocessed don’t need as much seasoning because they have such a nice flavor. 

Dilkush Bread

This traditional Indian sweet food is usually prepared with puff pastry or bread dough. It’s also stuffed with tutti fruit and coconut filling that makes for a delicious sweet treat.

They’re widely available in Indian bakeries.

Dandan Noodles

Dandan noodles are a Chinese meal that consists of a spicy sauce with veggies, chili oil, peppers, and minced pork. All of these are served on top of noodles.

Doner kebab is a kebab made with meat grilled on a vertical rotisserie that rotates slowly. As it cooks, the outer layer will cut into thin layers. 


Damson, often known as damson plum, is an edible fruit produced by a plum tree subspecies.

Because they are endemic to the United Kingdom, we can find several types throughout the country.


Dolmas, also known as stuffed grape leaves, are a type of filled meal popular in the Balkans and other parts of the world. A vegetable or leaf used to cover another food that will be employed as a fille. On the other hand, Dolmas do this with grape leaves and are typically served warm and loaded with rice. 


Dashin is a plant that has been grown in many Asian countries for thousands of years. It’s an edible food crop best known for its corms and lateral tubers, utilized in similar ways as potatoes.

They can be served in many forms, including roasting, frying, boiling and even chewing and eating the mature leaves. However, these leaves must be cooked precisely to ensure that the oxalic acid in the product is removed. Young leaves are also commonly used and cooked in the same way as spinach. 


Dosa is a small pancake or crepe traditionally served in South India. It’s produced with a fermented batter that includes lentils and rice, and it’s similar to a crepe in appearance.

The primary ingredients are rice and black gram that have been salted and fermented to a fine, silky solution. It is a typical dish in South Indian cuisine, but it is also popular in other parts of the country. They’re usually served hot with a selection of chutneys. 

Draw Soup

Draw soup refers to a variety of soups that originate in various locations of Nigeria and are often cooked with okra, ogbono, or ewedu leaves.

People frequently dip tangible things into the soup because it is considered to be reasonably thick. However, depending on what it’s served with, it can be used as an appetizer or a main course, and it goes well with a range of different foods. 

Deli Meat

Lunch meats, cold cuts, cold meats, and other terms are used to describe deli meats. They are cold-served slices of pre-cooked or cured meats. They can also be served hot, and they’re commonly made to conform with sandwiches or on a dish tray. Deli meats can also be purchased pre-sliced in vacuum packs or sliced to order in some establishments. Pre-chopped lunches tend to be significantly higher in fat, nitrates, and sodium, even though they are healthier.

Devilled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs that have been shelled, split in half, and stuffed with an egg yolk paste are known as devilled eggs, stuffed eggs, or dressed eggs. It’s commonly made using egg yolks and other ingredients like mayonnaise or mustard.


The majority of duck flesh originates from the duck’s breasts and legs, classified as white meat.

This meat has a somewhat darker hue than other white meats, and the legs are usually fatter. Duck parts, such as the heart, liver, and kidneys, can be eaten and grill a deboned duck breast like a steak. 

Dough Balls

When it comes to food, dough balls are prevalent, typically created with flour. Many people add garlic to the dough to make garlic dough balls, a tasty side dish frequently served with butter.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a sort of fruit that grows on the Hylocereus cactus, and the plant’s blossoms only bloom at night. Although the plant is native to Mexico and Central America, it has now spread globally. 

It goes by various names, but the two most prevalent varieties feature glowing red skin with green scales that resemble a dragon’s scales, hence the name.

The most common kind is white pulp and white seeds, although there are also varieties with red and black seeds. Yellow dragon fruit is a unique dragon fruit with yellow skin, white pulp, and black seeds. It is related to taste like a mixture of pear and kiwi fruit.


Doubles are a popular street meal in areas like Trinidad and Tobago, and they’re usually eaten for breakfast, but they’re also eaten for lunch or as a late-night snack on occasion.

Surprisingly, this is a common hangover remedy in Trinidad.

Doubles are produced by combining two pieces of flat fried dough and filling them with curried chickpeas and various chutneys.

This cuisine is claimed to have been influenced by the Indian dish chole bhature, which is produced by blending a masala with spicy chickpeas and a fried bread made with maida flour. 

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, it might serve doubles sweet, spicy, or savory.

Spicy pepper sauce is frequently added to the spicy variants to give it that extra kick. In addition, it’s often accompanied by green mango chutney.

Dauphinoise Potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes are a French food that consists of sliced potatoes cooked in milk or cream using the gratin process. This meal comes in a wide range of flavors.


It is a South African dish, and the word droewors means “dry sausage.”

These dried sausages are made with coriander seed spices and are a meat snack with a great nutritional value. 


Dahl is a traditional Indian dish that includes dry split pulses that need to be soaked before cooking. India is the world’s largest producer of pulses, and they’re used to generate a variety of staple dishes. However, the most frequent technique for preparing dahl is to make soup, which produces excellent results.

To enhance the dish’s flavor, extra ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, and a variety of spices are commonly added. It’s also not unusual for the exterior shell to be removed before usage. 

Dew Berry

Dewberry is a member of the Rubus genus of plants, and it is closely related to the blackberry.

They’re tiny trailing brambles with aggregate fruits that look like raspberries, although they’re usually purple or black rather than red.

Dewberries can be seen throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and are considered a helpful weed.  The leaves can produce herbal tea, and the plant’s other berries are also edible. The berries have a sweet flavor and can be eaten raw or used to make various delicious desserts.

They’re also known as ground berries, which is a term you may have heard before.

Around March and April, the plants will begin to produce white blooms, which will turn into small green berries. As the little green berries ripen, they will turn scarlet and eventually deep purple. When the berries are fully ripe, they are fragile and difficult to harvest without squishing them. 


Divinity is a nougat-like confection produced of egg whites, corn syrup, and sugar, adding other optional components.

People like to add chopped freeze-dried fruit and chopped nuts to this dish, which are two great options to choose from. When regular sugar is replaced with brown sugar, a different confection known as sea foam is created.

Humidity can impact the meal during preparation, and it can also harm the quality of food. The moisture level must be low enough for the candy to dry completely. This product includes a lot of sugar, and as a result, the sugar acts like a sponge. 

So, if the enclosing environment is highly humid, such as more than 50% humidity, the candy will continue to collect moisture from the air. It will produce a messy outcome, but the finished product should be a soft, white candy that is dry to the touch.

Drunken Shrimp

Drunken shrimp is a popular meal in several regions of the world, and it’s made with freshwater shrimp that can be eaten raw or cooked.

The shrimp will be soaked in liquor throughout the preparation procedure to make them simpler to purchase. It can be made in many ways, but the most obvious way is to soak it in alcohol and cook it in boiling water. A bowl of rice wine will be submerged in which several inebriated shrimp will force to get rid of any waste. The shrimp are then eaten alive when this process is done. 


A danish is a multi-layered pastry delicacy that is extremely sweet. They originated in Denmark and have since gained worldwide popularity. It’s a dessert that’s commonly topped with cream or fruit, and it’s constructed with a variety of puff pastries to produce a layered texture. 

Deviled Eggs

Stuffed eggs, dressed eggs, and Russian eggs are all names for deviled eggs. Hard-boiled chicken eggs are halved, shelled, and loaded with an egg yolk paste and additional ingredients like mustard and mayonnaise in this recipe. It is Italian in origin.


Duff is a Bahamian dessert that is traditionally made with fruit and dough.

Guava is a common element for this dish, and the fruit will fold into the dough before being boiled and served with a sauce.  The standard components are Boeuf, butter, sugar, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, flour, rum, salt, and baking powder. It’s worth noting that duff is also an English word for pudding. 


Dabberlocks, also known as bladder locks, are edible brown seaweed eaten as a traditional meal in places like Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, and Ireland.

This dish is also known as winged kelp, which translates to ‘edible wings.’ It is a sort of food that may be eaten raw or cooked, depending on the meal you are preparing. Many people prefer eating dabberlocks straight from the sea, which do not require cooking. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate that comprises cocoa solids and cocoa butter but does not contain the usual milk and butter ingredients present in milk chocolate.

It is a sugar-free and healthier alternative to other forms of chocolate. Dark chocolate is linked to several health advantages.

Dahi Vada

Dahi vada is a type of chaat that originated in India but is now widespread across South Asia. Traditionally, it is made by soaking vadas in thick dahi.

Dragon Noodles

Because dragon noodles are exceptionally spicy, they are probably not the best food for those who don’t like spicy food. They’re usually served as a side dish with chicken and veggies, and they’re quick and straightforward to prepare. They have a lot of taste, but if you don’t like spicy cuisine, you might want to skip them. 


Dates are a fruit that grows on the date palm tree, commonly found in tropical climates. They’re growing more popular as a cuisine, and practically all types are marketed dry. They have a wrinkled appearance and are usually modest in size, with a bright red to bright yellow color range. It is a chewy texture and a sweet flavor, as well as a high nutritional content.


Dumplings are pretty famous worldwide, and they may be prepared in a variety of ways to create new and fascinating flavors.

Dumplings are small bite-sized sweets wrapped in a thin layer of dough and filled with a variety of fillings. They can be cooked, steamed, or grilled, and they can be sweet or savory. 


Ditalini is a sort of little pasta that comes in small tubes and is a favorite Italian dish. This sort of pasta can use in a wide range of meals.


It is a cooked apple meal that has a fractured crust halfway through the cooking method so that liquids can penetrate the paste and form a soft part-caramelized topping. It’s humility usually made with apples and involves cooking the product in a deep dish andtopping it with the crust broken halfway through the cooking process and included in the fruit. it’s not a Popular dish, but it’s wonderful, and you should try your hand at making by you.

It can be challenging if you’ve never made anything like this before, but it’s a one-of-a-kind treat. If you like apple pie, you’ll enjoy this delicious baked dessert.


The durian is a fruit that comes from various tree types and is part of the Durio genus. There are 30 different Durio species, at least nine of which will produce edible fruit, and Thailand has over 300 named cultivars, with another 100 in Malaysia.

It is renowned as the king of fruits in some areas because of its enormous size, powerful fragrance, and thorn-covered rind. Durio zibethinus is the only species available globally, with other species sold in more regional markets.


The Dodger Dog is a hot dog that bears the name of the Major League Baseball team that sells them.

The Dodger is a 10-inch Weiner wrapped in a steamed bun, and the team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Hot dog is ready for purchase at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. According more than two million hotdogs are sold each year to the National Hotdog Council, and depending on the seller, and you can have them steamed or roasted. 

If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll usually find them near the back of the stadium, which is done to keep the smoke from overwhelming the baseball fans.

The grilled variant of these hotdogs, on the other hand, is the classic variety and is regarded to be the most popular. 

Dill Weed

The dill plant produces fluffy green leaves that are dill weed, an annual herb related to celery.

It will replant itself and spread far and wide, so it’s probably not the most delicate plant to have in your yard. Dill weed is a delicate herb that is frequently combined with eggs or salads.


A doughnut is a form of fried dough popular in various locations and can be cooked in multiple ways to make a sweet snack at home or in bakeries, supermarkets, and other areas.

It’s interesting because it’s called both a donut and a doughnut, and they’re usually made of flour dough and deep-fried. They are typically ring-shaped with a hole in the middle, but other variants are filled rather than having a hole.

Some will be in the form of little balls, while others will use different batters. They’re typically filled with a variety of fillings, including chocolate, sugar, and maple glaze.

Dhokar Dalna

Dhokar Dalna is a delectable Bengali dish made with fried chana dal cakes that have been marinated and served with potato cubes dipped in a rich sauce. Cumin seeds, hing, bay leaf, ginger, and red chili paste are commonly included in this sauce, which is finest served with steaming rice. 

Date Plum

The date plum is a diospyros species found in subtropical southwest Asia and southeast Europe. It’s a little fruit that tastes like plums and dates at the same time.

Deviled egg, daikon radish, Dijon mustard, Danish pastry, dumpling, and dill pickle are among the items that begin with the letter D in our next chapter. So keep an eye out for updates.


Daikon is a mild-flavored winter radish with a long white napiform root identified by its fast-growing leaves. They are native to East Asia and are currently grown and harvested throughout the region, with international distribution. This vegetable is grown in some places to break up compacted soils and restore nutrients.

Debbie Cakes

Debbie cakes are baked confections made with cake, sugar, and icing in the United States. 


Dilkush is a sort of bread dish whose name approximately translates to “something that brings you joy.” It is a sweet bread delicacy that has a filling made of coconut and tutti frutti.

It’s essentially spongy, soft bread with a delicious filling of dried or candied fruits.

Final Words

Now that you’ve discovered these meals, you’ll notice that various foods begin with the letter D, including fruits, meat, herbs, desserts, and snacks. You will come across many names which you might have heard for the first time, increasing your knowledge in the world of food. There is a wide variety of food available in this world, and we hope we were able to give you information regarding the same. 

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