90 Foods That Start With C

Did you know there are many fruits, vegetables, and food items that exist whose name starts with ‘C’? Well, you will be amazed to look at the diversity of these fruits, vegetables, and foods that start with C. This article will give you all the required information about the names of the food that starts with “C.” The fruits, vegetables, and foods items whose first letter is ‘C’ are as follows:

Foods That Begin With The Letter C

These are 90 Foods that start with C.


Cassava is an underground root vegetable whose name originated from the Latin name “Manihot Esculenta.” The cassava roots are very much similar to the roots of sweet potatoes. The consumption of cassava leaves should not be done in a raw form to avoid consuming any chemicals.


Cereal is a type of grass that is an edible component composed of bran, bran, and endosperm. Cereals are famous for their high fats, oils, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Cereal is a source of unsaturated fat, which includes linolenic acid, and is cholesterol-free. In addition, cereal is an insoluble fiber and has the feature of resistant starch. Cereal can be eaten by any individual, which helps maintain the weight plan or a diet plan. Cereal is also considered one of the essential parts of a meal because it includes vitamin B and vitamin C resulting in a healthy diet.


Chickpeas or Spanish derives the name with many medical properties and is considered healthy. They are high in fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Chickpeas are also responsible for me making healthy changes in the body. It can also help to reduce an individual’s insufficient cholesterol level.


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from the roasted beans of coffee and the seeds of berries from a specific coffee species. Coffee is also referred to as a good drink for brain alert. Many individuals also consume coffee because of its energy content. It burns fat and improves the performance of the body physically. Coffee also helps in treating Alzheimer’s and boosts energy.


Chicken is a highly nutritious source of protein and is necessary to add to your diet, which will help you in muscle growth, weight loss, and bone health.


Chocolate is the favorite dessert of children and adults. It is very nutritious and also suitable for health if taken in a certain quantity. Dark chocolate is preferred by many people who improve blood flow and low blood pressure. It also has the properties of reducing heart disease and protecting the skin from the sun. Chocolates are now available by different companies in different shapes and sizes as preferred by the customers. However, it should not be taken in excessive quantities, resulting in fat and unhealthy food conditions.


It is a favorite dairy product derived from milk and is available in various ranges, flavors, textures, and types. Cheese is rich in fat and protein because of the milk used by buffalo, cows, goats, and sheep. Therefore, cheese is a high source of calcium and protein, resulting in high saturated fat and salt, which explains the high BP in case it is consumed in huge quantities.


Corn is also known as maize, which is cereal and was discovered around 10,000 years ago in the Mexican city. Coldness of yellow in color and rich in vitamin C, which helps or works as an antioxidant in the body to protect yourself from damage and diseases like heart attacks and cancer.


Coriander is an internationally used herb to add flavors into front dishes served in high-profile restaurants. Coriander is also somewhere related to carrots, parsley, and celery. Coriander can help fight infections in the blood and keep your brain active. Coriander also has digestive properties.


Curry leaves are generally used to give or add flavors to other dishes and have many properties in medical science. Curry leaves are rich in vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, and calcium. Curry leaves are often used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, morning sickness, diabetes, and nausea. Curry leaves can also make you lose weight if consumed daily because it helps clean the body and get rid of harmful toxins.


Crab is highly rich in proteins which make it an excellent food to consume. Crab is also rich in vitamin B 12, fatty acid, and selenium. Crab is a good content of a healthy and nutritious diet. However, Can be a bit difficult to digest for some of the immune systems. Crabs are the decapod of the infra order, omnivorous, and eat worms, fungi, bacteria, and detritus.


Cupcakes are one of the most famous desserts that every person in this world likes to have. It is baked with many ingredients, including flour, sugar, ghee, fruits, and candy. These are small in size and do not take more than 20 minutes to get ready. Nowadays, cupcakes are available in different flavors: mango, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and black forest. In addition, people have started preparing different types and sizes of cupcakes available in other bakery shops all over the place.


Carrot is a type of fruit vegetable which is orange in color and is a domesticated form that comes as a wild carrot. Carrot is good in fiber and can help reduce blood sugar levels or bring it under control because of its fiber content. Carrot is also rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, reducing the risk of getting diabetes early. Carrot is also rich in vitamin K and calcium, which are essential for improving bone development. People eat carrots as a raw vegetable and after cooking it with other types of vegetables simultaneously.


Cashew is primarily eaten as a type of dry fruit and is a note which is extracted from one of the tropical evergreen trees. Cashew is a seed, and the tree from which it is plucked is approximately 14 m tall. Cashews are famous for having rich fiber content, nutrients, and low sugar. Cashew helps in improving production energy, brain health, bone health, and immunity. However, cashew should not be consumed considerably, resulting in high blood pressure or weight gain.


Custard is a dessert made using cheese, sweetened milk, eggs, and milkmaid. Sometimes people also use flour and corn to add flavor. You can use thick custard paste to make a pastry cream and use it as a filling for various other deserts. It has become easy to prepare custard using custard powder made of egg yolk, sugar, and milk. Custard powder is easily accessible to anyone in close by shops. Custard is good for calcium intake, which is indirectly suitable for bone improvement. It is an extra treat for the body because it provides excess fat, energy, and sugar.


Cherry is a famous fruit that comes in many types of plants: the genus, prunus, and fleshy. Some cherries are commercial and are obtained from the favorite cultivars of different species, for example, sweet and sour cerasus. You can store cherry for at least a week in cool places and then dry and eat. Cherry is also equipped with many health benefits, including improving the immune system and sleep quality and adding various antioxidants to the body.


Chow mein is a Chinese snack cooked with vegetables and many other ingredients and is popular in India, the UK, the US, and Nepal. This dish is famous all over the world and is consumed by almost every generation in the country.


Cheesecake is a dessert that has a lot of layers in it. Cheesecake is one of the best mixtures of eggs, sugar, and cheese. The lower layers are made up of thin crust, whereas the base comprises pastry, crushed crackers, and dry fruits. Cheesecakes come in different types, i.e., baked and unnamed, and people can choose accordingly. Cheesecakes are now coming in different varieties that are pumpkin, vanilla, chocolate, and mixed fruit.


Chile is a type of baby food from the capsicum plant and is widely used to garnish many dishes. Chile is also used in many dishes to add spice ingredients that act as an essential flavor. Chile has vitamin C, which contains a crucial healthy component. Chilli is also rich in vitamin B6. It is widely used in countries like India, where people have spicy dishes.


A cookie is an immense desert in different shapes and sizes and is sweet. It usually also contains flour(less quantity), sugar (sweet taste), egg, and some oil, fat, and butter. In addition, it may include other tasty ingredients such as raisins, nuts, choco chips, and different types of dry fruits. Etc. In most western culture countries, for example, the United States of America, these cookies are eaten as favorite snacks. Can preferred cookies with any privileges, such as tea, milk, and coffee. The crisp nature of cookies makes them even tastier for many people after baking in the oven. Various types of flavors are available in the market. 


cucumber is a type of vine creeper plant available for different kinds of varietiesThere are three varieties in this plant – seedless, slicing, and pickling and it is an annual plant. It is rich in Vitamin K, calcium, and potassium. Cucumber is 95% water and is mainly produced in China.


Cranberries are a group of shrubs or low-creeping vines majorly cultivated in central and northern Europe. The berries are processed into various products like juices, sauces, and jams. The fruit is usually hard, sour, and bitter and is sold dried and sweetened, traditionally served during Thanksgiving and similar English dinners. They are rich in carbohydrates and Vitamin C.


Chapati, known by many other names like phulka, roti, is a flatbread staple food item in the Indian subcontinent. It is usually made up of whole wheat flour mixed into dough with water and salt. It is formed by slapping the thin dough into rounds. This Indian flatbread is tasty and rich in carbohydrates and proteins. It can be eaten with a variety of dishes.


It is one of the thinnest pancakes and out of usually two types: sweet and sour. It is one of the most straightforward pancakes, which is made with the feeling of sugar paste. According to the source, the average calorie content in these pancakes is 90, which can also fluctuate. These pancakes are generally thin, which has fewer calories and fat than the actual pancakes. You can have these pancakes in different flavors and essences. 


Chimichanga is a type of deep-fried burrito with a fat content of approximately eleven grams. It also has Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin, Calcium, and other proteins. It is made with flour bread which can also be eaten as a snack item. 


It is a spicy seed that is used to prepare wine these days. It has a sharp and unique aroma. It is often used to season cabbage dishes, onion tart, pieces of bread, and fried potatoes. 


The other name of carambola is star fruit or the five fingers. This fruit is mainly famous in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, the United States, some parts of East Asia, and Brazil. You can experience some tango or sweet taste, whereas the unripe ones are incredibly sour and bitter. It has gallic and quercetin acid, which is good for health.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds belong to the mint family and are incredibly healthy for consumption. It is extremely beneficial because of its rich content in fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals, and nutrients. It has also been successful in improving heart diseases and diabetes. In addition, it can also enhance digestion problems with the help of chia seeds. You can have approximately 20 grams of chia seeds regularly for a healthy lifestyle.

Capers seeds

These are fleshy leaves in a rounded shape famous for being an edible flower bird. It is also used for the seasoning of the pickle. It is also one of the fruits which are consumed as a pickle by most people. You can plant the seeds of capers and keep them warm for approximately 3 to 4 weeks, and you will see good growth in the seeds. These leaves also contain a wide variety of antioxidants that help your body remove toxins and maintain health.

Chocolate Milk

It is a kind of sweetened chocolate-flavored milk used as an energy booster for many young adults. The flavor is added by way of syrup or adding chocolate into the milk. It has a creamy texture. Chocolate milk is also available in the market very quickly. Chocolate milk is a perfect combination of cholesterol, fat, sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates, maintaining balance in the body. Many people prefer chocolate Milk because it has a rich calcium intake which is essential for growing children. Also, adding flavor to the milk makes it super tasty and easily drinkable. 


There are many kinds of nuts, for example, walnuts, almonds, and cashews which are defined as fruits, but chestnuts are genuinely in nature called fruit. These chestnuts are fleshy, husky, and bumpy, which will be easily detachable from chestnuts that are not edible. The features of chestnuts stay with it even after cooking it and adding many ingredients. Therefore, it is one of the best prevention fruits for cardiovascular diseases that prevent heart disease or strokes from occurring in the future. You can have more than five chestnuts in a day but not in excessive quantities.


The cake is a sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, usually baked. In the oldest form, the sponge cake is an improvement on bread. Still, now the sponge cake covers various preparations, which can be simple or elaborate, and combined, with some of the other desserts (such as pastries, meringues, custards, and tarts) have the same function. The most frequently used cake ingredients include sugar, eggs, butter, oil, flour, margarine liquids, and raising agents such as baking powder and baking soda. 

Standard components and additional flavoring agents include extracts such as dried fruits, candied or fresh fruits, nuts, cocoa, and vanilla, and there are many alternatives to the main ingredients. Cakes can also be filled with different types of fruit preserves, nuts, dessert sauces (such as pastry cream), ice cream with cream or another frosting, and decorated with marzipan trimmings candied fruit. 


Brassica oleracea is a genus of Brassicaceae vegetables that includes cauliflower (or Brassica oleracea). It is an annual plant that reproduces by seeds. Only the head is usually eaten; edible white meat is frequently referred to as “curd” (similar in appearance to cheese curd). The cauliflower head, which is the herb’s core component, comprises white inflorescence meristems. Thus, the cauliflower head is similar to cauliflower, except that the flower buds are edible. Although they belong to separate cults, Brassica oleracea also includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, and kale.


Caramel is a kind of dessert made with thick milk and a dense texture of butter and glucose. It is a type of confectionery that is prepared using different mixtures of dairy products and heating at approximately 130°C, which creates the perfect structure of the caramel liquid. Caramel is now available in various types of snacks, for example, popcorn. First, heat the sugar and glucose to 130 ° C (270 ° F) separately; then add the cream and butter and let the mixture cool. The mixture is then heated at around 11 degrees “C” and stirred and made fabulous. After cooking, add herbs or any other flavoring agent and salt. Adding vanilla or flavoring agents ahead of time will cause them to burn at high temperatures. Adding salt early in the process will cause the sugar to reverse during cooking.


Cloves are used in the cuisines of Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, and near and Middle Eastern countries to add flavor to meats, curries, marinades, and fruits such as apples, pears, and rhubarb. Clove can impart aroma and flavor qualities to hot beverages and is generally combined with other healthy ingredients that have medicinal uses, for example, sugar and lemon. They happen to be everyday items in spice mixes, including pumpkin pie spice and Speculoos spices.

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is prepared using cute bread, virgin olive oil, homemade Caesar dressing, chickpeas, chopped onions, and lettuce. It is one of the famous salads named on the famous Julius Caesar because it was one of his favorite dishes. Caesar salad is one of the high-calorie content salads and has many vegetables included in the recipe. It also includes Parmesan seeds and black pepper, which adds to its taste.


Chickoo fruit is an evergreen tree native to Central America and the Caribbean grown in large quantities in various other countries. The fruit is a large berry with seeds of up to six. It has a sweet flavor. The trees yield fruits twice a year, while flowering continues around the year.

Final Words

All of these dishes, fruits, vegetables, and foods that start with C. It is incredible to see how the world has so much variety, offering people options to choose from. There are many other dishes whose names start with C. This article will give you a lot of information on what type of fruits and vegetables exist all over the world. You can read this to gain a lot of information on the varieties of fruits and vegetables present. If you are a food lover, this article is going to be of great use. 

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