210 Dumb Questions To Ask [2021] Stupid & Funny Questions

Dumb Questions To Ask: Sometimes life gets serious, boring, and long. and everyone enjoys a good laugh and a fun conversation. So these dumb questions are going to help you and others to lighten the mood and add little laughter.  Stupid and funny questions have a primary spot in between friends and family. These hilarious questions make no sense but the magic they carry can change the flow of the conversation. 

We often get bored of life and seek entertainment. At such time these questions act as a banger. These questions add a little spark to our lives. For a little bit of laughter and giggles, these questions are mind-blowing.

These questions do not support the concept of being serious. Questions included in this section can be so random, for example – ‘What would you do afterlife?’, makes no sense right? But it is still a question that can be answered. Today we will be talking about these questions and other facts about these questions.

Playing stupid, funny, and dumb questions is similar to Improvisation comedy. Talking about the question making sense, you should make sure the answer makes no sense as well, the answer should be as random as these questions are. These Dumb Questions are built for a humorous conversation. These dumbest questions can make your face go awe.

How to play the game of dumb and funny questions?

The game of dumb, funny, and stupid questions has no boundaries and there are no limitations. The only boundary that surrounds the game is your imagination. Imaging questions that make no sense are required, logical and practical thinking has to be left out for this game. Removing such thoughts while playing this game would help you have a great and enjoyable time.

The game is simple, one person has to start the game by asking a question that is either funny, stupid, or dumb and the next person has to answer the question. By taking turns, questions would be kept for everybody and they have to answer it. The simplicity and innocence of the game make it unique.

Dumb Questions To Ask

You can be picky while selecting questions as the questions should be presented in such a way that others get awestruck. 

You can access these Dumb Questions mentioned in our list down below:

  • What are the three not related things you would order at Mcdonald’s?
  • If there was something that you could replace all the trains of the world, what would it be?
  • If animals could talk, which one would you love to have as a pet and why?
  • Why does the bank have branches if money doesn’t grow on trees?
  • If I save time, how can I reuse it?
  • Why do we consider calling transporting anything from ship cargo and anything from car a shipment?
  • Why is it called quicksand when it sucks us down gradually?
  • If you have the access to merge any two mammals to create a unique and ultimate mammal, which two mammals would it be and how do you imagine it would look like?
  • If the world was unfair, would you ever invest in the share market?
  • If you are the one who decides which planet we have to shift to, what would it be and why did you particularly choose that planet?
  • If suddenly a warrant is issued on you, how would your friends and family react? What would they think that you could have done wrong?
  • Would you mind owning a tiger that is as sensitive as a bird and has the characteristics of the bird?
  • You have the power to create a global holiday, what would you like to name the holiday and what day would it be celebrated and explain the situation you are holding a holiday on?
  • If you were able to change your gender, would you love to be in the same gender all your life?
  • If you get the chance to become the supreme leader of the entire world for 1 day, what order would you give or what changes would you bring to the world?
  • Suppose you get teleported into a video game from your real life, do you think you will be able to complete the game? Which game would you love to get inside? Do you like the idea of it being multiplayer?
  • How many buckets of water would it take to create an ocean?
  • If you have to give up one of your Teeth or your eyebrows, what would it be? Why do you think your answer is a better choice?
  • Suppose a zombie apocalypse has emerged, you have one day until zombies break out in your city, what would be your first move? And what story have you always created in your mind when someone mentioned zombie apocalypse?

Reading these dumb questions invites so many new ideas, normally these ideas are unrealistic. The randomness of these questions makes them funny and unique. We have more questions that will take your imagination on a tour.

  • What is the funniest tagline you can think of for selling an Egg?
  • If you get the chance to become an object you see or use in daily life, what would you want to become and why so?
  • If after your death you are able to communicate with people, who would you contact first and would you love to scare any specific person as a ghost?
  • If superman is said to be having a futuristic and evolving mind, why does he wear his underwear above his pants?
  • Why do we wash our bath towels? We use them after bathing, so aren’t we clean when we use them?
  • What does cheese say at the time of clicking a happy picture?
  • Like twenty-one, why is the number ‘eleven’ pronounced as ‘eleven’ and not ‘one-ty’ one?
  • If humans evolved from apes, why do we still have apes and why aren’t they not evolving into humans anymore?
  • Would the name ‘Earthquake’ change according to the name of the planet? For example – Mars Quake.
  • Most packages have printed ‘open here’ notes, what happens if we do not open it from there and target a different approach? Is it jail?
  • Would you like to replace all the water present on the planet with milk?
  • When we are thinking, what’s really going inside our brain?
  • Is chicken an animal or a bird?
  • If I eat myself, would I become huge or I would shrink?
  • Does it take 18 months for twins to be born? Because there are two?
  • Will I poop if I swallow a complete ice cube?
  • Why don’t we count the age of people born on February 29 only once every four years?
  • Does looking at a picture of a refrigerator make you feel cool?
  • Wouldn’t hiring two investigators against each other become a misery?
  • Why is it that you have to click on the ‘start’ button on windows to shut them down?
  • What is the literal meaning of life?
  • Can blind people see their dreams?
  • Who checked the entire twenty-one thousand seven hundred and thirty pages of the oxford dictionary for its publication? Would we ever know if they lied?

Regarding the question mentioned above, don’t you think –

  • Who told them that the spellings of those are correct and how?
  • Why isn’t it called bullshit if a bulldog poops?
  • The opposite of shut up should be shut down, what do you think about it?
  • Why takeaways are called ‘drive-throughs’ if you have to stop?

The list of questions in this genre is as limitless as our imagination. The fun part about the tags is that they are totally meant for fun and not for offending any science freaks. Do check all the questions and use them while playing this game with others and enjoy! 

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