110 Couple Tag Questions [2021] Cute, Fun, Exciting Questions

We all expect from our partners that they understand us from the core. Playing the Couple Tag Questions Challenge is an excellent way to ensure understanding between couples. In a relationship, there is trust, love, affection, and understanding, these key factors of a relationship are to be developed and the couple tag questions might help you both create a beautiful bond.

A flower-like relationship needs revisiting old memories, pouring water on the current status, and making it bloom. Your charming relationship gets stronger and stronger by the pillars of love and trust, the stronger the pillars become, the stronger the relationship gets.

Challenging your chemistry again and again to make developments is a thing that most lovers chase. Standing strong through the ups and downs of the relationship is important. We have numerous couple tag questions in our list down below, from which you can pick and ask your significant other.

How To Play Tag Questions

The tag questions challenge is simple and easy to play. To start the round of questions one of you has to ask a tag question to your significant other, and they have to answer the question.

You both get to ask a question turn by turn. You can also ask a question that has been asked by your partner.

If your partner gives a correct or a nearly correct answer they get a point, and if they are unable to answer your question, they get to know something new about you. The Tag Question is a win-win situation for couples, despite being a winner and loser in the game, there are moments of truth, love, and trust.

All the points are then accumulated and the game is concluded. The end game leads you both to a context in life where you get a little closer to your partner.

Positive Points About Trying The Tag Questions Challenge

Making love and romancing with your significant other is important, but having fun, laughter, serious, deep and personal conversations is equally important. Here, we have a list of Couple Tag Questions that help you to start a conversation and make your relationship strong.

Asking questions not only clears doubts but also lets you get to know more about your partner. Knowing your significant other deeply is the best feeling one could hold.

Couple Tag Questions

Here is the list of questions that you can use while playing the couple tag questions challenge:

  • When was the first time we met as unknowns?
  • Where did we first meet?
  • Who said the three magical words “I Love You” first?
  • Was it love at first sight for any of you both?
  • At which location do we go for our first date? Do you remember the day?
  • Who initiated the first kiss?
  • What do you remember of our first vacation?
  • Where did we go for our first road trip?
  • What attire do I always dress in?
  • Tell one weird habit of mine?
  • Tell one thing that I am good at?
  • Tell one thing that I am not good at?
  • What do you think I do in my free time?
  • How long have been we together?
  • What was your first impression of me?
  • What was the first habit you noticed about me?
  • Which habit or thing about me pisses you off the most?
  • What cuisine do I always love to eat when we go to a restaurant?
  • Favorite features about each other?
  • What has been the regular reason for our arguments?
  • What nicknames have you given each other?
  • When is my birthday?
  • Which movie I would put on repeat and watch?
  • What is my favorite song?
  • What color are my eyes?
  • Did I tell you about my birthplace?
  • How did I get my name?
  • What kind of cuisine do I hate the most?
  • What web series or show is my favorite?
  • Who’s is my favorite actor?
  • Who is my favorite actress?
  • What is my favorite band or musician?
  • Do I believe in magic?
  • When was the first time I introduced you to my parents?
  • What is my shoe or slipper size?
  • What kind of sports am I into?
  • Do I like playing games on mobile, laptop or computer?
  • What drink do I always order?
  • Which movie always triggers my emotions?
  • What is my dream job?
  • What is my dream vacation?

Knowing Their Choice Questions

Listed above was the long and cute list of couple tag questions that will help you know your partner more deeply. Reliving the past memories and current situations, the questions are informative. Now we have the list of This or That questions for couples that will test how well your partner knows you.

These questions start with a “What would I choose?”

  • Burger or Pizza
  • McDonald’s or Burger King
  • Dominos or Pizza Hut
  • Movie or Web Series
  • Singing or Dancing
  • Traveling or staying at home
  • Working all day or sleeping all-day
  • Work from home or working in the office
  • Calling or texting
  • Salted Fries or Peri-Peri Fries
  • Coca Cola or Thumbs Up
  • Energy Drink or Coffee
  • Awake early morning or awake late night
  • Eating three times a day or having five to six short meals
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Clean or Messy room
  • Hanging out at home or going out

Other Interesting Questions That You Can Ask Your Partner

Those were some questions that are choice-based. Let’s head back to the interesting questions that you can ask your partner.

  • Which variety of pizza do I like to have?
  • What is the first thing I do after I wake up?
  • What weird talent do I acquire?
  • What makes you hate someone?
  • What is the sweetest compliment you ever got?
  • Are you happy with the people around you?
  • What is the weirdest thing you own?
  • Do you think that money is an important factor in our relationship?
  • Who annoys you the most from your family?
  • Do you like working?
  • Share one of your deep and dark secrets?
  • How do I spend my vacations?

Couple tag questions are the most creative way you can get to know each other. This is not the end of your list of questions, you can always be creative and mold the questions. Hopefully, these questions would make your day and you will have a good time with your significant other.

Read all the questions and pick the ones you think you will make the conversation interesting. Not only helping you develop the bond but also bringing the spark back in the relationship.

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