Candy That Starts With V

With modernization and new generation development, the world and its people are also changing. So are changing their choices and preferences, but in the case of a sweet snack, the thing that came to people’s minds a 100 years ago is the same that comes to the mind now. They are nothing but candies. There is enormous demand of candies all over the world. If we clearly study the statistics of consumption of candies in different continents or countries, we will find the proof of its massive demand in the world market.

Europe is the continent that has the highest consumption of candies in the world, this shows the amount of love they have for candies. We all know the Swiss eat a lot of chocolate and that is the reason behind their huge consumption of 11 kg of candies every year. Countries like Germany and U.K. are also not far behind the earlier mentioned countries. During Halloween, there is also a ritual that involves visiting different houses to search for candies. This popular tradition is also known as trick or treating, thus increasing the consumption of candies during this time of the year.

Also, approximately 600 million pounds of candies are sold in America during Halloween every year. The caramel bar called the Wispa Gold Wrapped bar launched by Cadbury is among the most expensive candies in the world.

Candy That Starts With V

  • Vickerman
  • Victory Candies
  • Velamints
  • Vimto
  • Volcano Rocks
  • Valentines Candy
  • Vanilla Lollipop
  • Violet Mints
  • Victory V
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Violet Mints
  • Vollmilchschokolade
  • Vodka Candy
  • Victorinox
  • Violet Crumble
  • Velvet Cake
  • Vicks Cough Drops
  • Very Dark Chocolate
  • Violet Skittles
  • Vimto Chews
  • Very Berry Skittles
  • Vine Candy
  • Vegan Candy
  • Vanilla Tootsie Rolls
  • Virgin Sours

Final Words

Candies are always perfect for every mood, every person and every country. It can never be disliked instead, it is the love of life for most of the people out there. The candy lovers out there will be pleased to know about different candies which are unique but at the same time winning hearts. But how can we even start talking about candies without cliche Cadbury chocolate candies? They are the heroes of the candy store anytime, any day. Now we can well discuss out box candies that are becoming our favorites day by day.

The brand KitKat has gone a long way in flavours, especially in Japan, like Wasabi, purple sweet potato, strawberry cheesecake, eta, but the best among them is the green tea flavour. Candies like rice candies add flavour to life. In this kind of snack, you can also ear the wrapper as it is made up of rice paper. New Zealand is famous for its pineapple marshmallows which are covered by chocolate and called the pineapple candies, now are also available in Australia.

The wine gums are last but not least, but the fascinating part about these candies is it non-alcoholic. Though the name suggests otherwise, this also includes fruits, gumdrops, jujubes, etc.

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