Bands That Start With Z

Music is one of the most significant parts of our lives. It heals our soul from within. It helps us release all our stress and anxieties. It is one of the popular forms of entertainment. It spreads positivity and peace. It is the essence of life. It helps us express our emotions most beautifully. People from all age groups absolutely love listening to music. We all might have different tastes in music as individuals but what is common between us is that we all connect with music. It keeps our hearts healthy.

There are a lot of bands whose names start with Z, especially rock bands. Having a name for your band starting with the letter Z is a nice strategy because the names with the letter Z tend to be quite unique and uncommon for a band. This also helps to grab the attention of the people out there easily who listen to a lot of bands.

We have here collected a small and amazing list of band names starting with the letter Z. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading this article as much as we loved creating the article for you.

Z Plan

The band is one of the most popular bands in Blountville, TN. They mostly operate around genres like Rock, Blues, and Experimental. The band members are Rocky Graybeal as Guitarist and Scott Javens as Bassist. They have featured members of Shades of Grey, Disturbing the peace, and Disillusioned. Some of the featured songs are “Oh Well”, “No Matter What”, “Wild Night”, and “Spooky”. They have gathered immense popularity over the last few years especially.

ZZ Top

ZZ Top, popular for their live performances and similar looks was formed in Houston, Texas in the year 1969. It is an extremely phenomenal American band that comprises Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard, and late Dusty Hill. It mostly operates around genres of hard rock, blues rock, boogie rock, and southern rock. What is really unique about is this particular band is their super funny lyrics and Gibbons and Hill, the vocalists performing in similar outfits which mostly used to comprise of hats, sunglasses, and extensively long golden beards. The first album was released in 1971.


The band was formed in the year 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is an American hard rock band that mostly operates around genres of hard rock, Progressive rock, and heavy metal. The band comprises vocalists like Randy Jackson, Felix Hanemann, Guy has been recorded with labels like Atlantic and Mayhem Records. The first studio album was in the year 1983. The most popular singles are “Who’s Behind the Door” and “Tell Me what you Want” which were produced by Jack Douglas. Both got released in the year 1983. They took a temporary break in the year 1990 but were soon back in 1994.


Neil Zaza, a guitarist formed the band Zaza in the year 1987. It was one of the hottest and most popular American bands that gained popularity very soon. It was quite a successful touring band for a long time. It even releases a song called “Maybe tomorrow” that was a huge hit. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, the band disbanded soon and then Neil Zaza began his solo career again. He also had an amazing solo career and got immense love and appreciation from his audience for his versatility.

The Zeros

It is yet another most popular punk rock band that is considered the pioneer of punk rock on the West Coast. Having said that, it was founded in Chula Vista in the year 1976. The band comprised of Javier Escovedo, Robert Lopez, Hector Penalosa, and Baba Chenelle initially. Penalosa and Robert left after a point of time and Penalosa rejoined later. Guy Lopez also joined after Penlaso had left the band. The first performance of The zeroes was in Los Angeles at the Orpheum. They were opening the show there along with bands like “The Germs and “The Weirdos” and this was their first break in the industry.

The Zippers

7-time TV’s Star Search Vocal Group Champions, The Zippers are an immensely popular band that is extremely professional and deals with high-end clients all around the world. They are well-known for their versatility as well as for their electrifying and energetic performances in celebrity weddings as well as in concerts. They have collaborated with mostly the Fortune 500 companies and have done numerous trade shows in California. They have been nominated as the best dance band twice by National Music Awards, the USA in the year 2002 and 2007. They have an intimate audience and have sizes from 6-piece to 12-piece. The smallest size rather the 6-piece band has 2 horns, 1 female vocalist, and 5 male lead singers.

The Zombies

Founded in St Albans, England, United Kingdom, this is an English band that started operating in the year 1960. They mostly operated around genres of rock, beat, psychedelic pop, and barbeque pop. The band comprises Rod Argent, vocalist and keyboardist, and Colin Blunstone, Vocalist. They have recorded with labels like Parrot, Date, Decca, Red house Records, CBS, Tower, The End. “She’s Not There”, the first hit released in 1964. Also, singles like “Tell Her No” and “Time of the Season” became huge hits. They were released in the years 1965 and 1968 respectively.

Zero Hour

This popular American brand was formed in the year 1993. It mostly operates around the genre of progressive metals. Jasun Tipton and Troy Tipton, the two twin brothers led to the formation of this band. The band was active till the year 2008. It originated in Pleasanton, California. It has been recorded with labels like sensory that released most of their albums. The first one was called “The Tower of Avarice” that was released in the year 2001. Their first independent and self-titled debut album got released in the year 1999. The band disbanded owing to Troy Tipton’s injury in the arms.

Zebra and Giraffe

This is another popular band that originated in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 2007. The band mostly operates around genres of Alternative Rock and Electronic Rock. The band comprises members such as Greg Carlin, Alan Shenton, Mike Wright, Chris Carlton, and Stefan Henrico. The debut album of the band was “Collected Memories”. The album got released in the year 2008 on the 5th of May. The first single was called “The Knife”. They have won awards like MTV Africa Music Awards for “Band” and twice won South African Music Awards for “Collected Memories” and “The Wisest Ones”.


They blend modern rock with 80s music. They have amazing and melodious vocals and very mindful lyrics. The members include Anthony Suriano, lead vocalist, James D.Slick, Vocalist and lead guitarist, Scott Stark, Bassist, Karen Stark, keyboardist, Charlie Zeleny, drummer, and Dawn Wilson who is responsible for percussion and backing vocals. With their second ASi release called “From Here to Where?”, they raised their standards of music to another level. They have performed on classics like “Bush”, “Fuel”, “Kiss”, “Rush”, “Saliva”, “Shades Apart”, “Night Ranger”, “Alice in Chains”, “Foo Fighters”, “Goo Goo Dolls” and a lot more.

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