10 Bands That Start With X

Music is still one of the most greater entertaining sources. People both of young and old generation loves listening music even though many entertaining media have come and went over the last decades. Band names beginning with “X” are perhaps the most intriguing band all over the world among all letters, maybe because of its X-FACTOR. We assume that you want to listen to something different, nonchalant, and rocky at the same time and hence you preferred the letter X.

Surprisingly a lot of bands begin with this uncommon letter and also have a unique style. They have efficaciously created super cool music that has amazed a lot of people.

The trend of keeping name with the letter X began when “Beatles” chose “The” as a part of their title and since then this trend has been flying like anything.

Here we have collected a small list of band names starting with the letter X. We hope that you enjoy reading the article as we loved creating it for you.

X & Hell Band

X & Hell Band also commonly known as Weapon hell and Ken Hell is a group of musical bands having routes from Melbourne Victoria Australia. They are specialized in the electro-rap category and have given much popular music in history. This musical band consists of superiorly talented vocalist and producer Xavier Mills who is also known as Weapon X and Davin Verduci also called Ken Hell. The other two members of the band are DJ and turntablist, A style. Their popular album comprises ‘Sneakerpimpin Ain’t Easy which was released in the year 2005, Million Dollar Sex Party which was released in the year 2008.

In the year 2005 they were nominated for “Best Urban Release” for the amazing music “Other man” and in 2006 for Sneakerpimpin Ain’t Easy. Additionally, their debut album reached 46th position on the ARIA signals starts.

X Japan

As the name suggests this band is a popular Rock band from Chiba Japan. The band was originated in the year 1982. The talented lead vocalist Toshi and the drummer Yoshiki. The band is the jack of multiple trades from rock to heavy metals, speed metal, power metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal, and lots more.

The band consists of Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, and Sugizo. In the year 1988, they released their debut “Vanishing Vision”. Their labels include Dda, Extasy, East-West, Atlantic, Polydor, Tofu, EMI, etc.

They have won many awards in the past years -4th Japan Gold disc awards (1990), 33rd Japan records awards in 1991, 89th academy awards in 2016, and lots more.

X Opus

The band was found in the late 1980 and has successfully run over three decades. They have tried to explore different genres and are loved for their versatility however most of their music was categorized as eclectic. It was originally named the ”X Oops” but they later changed the title in order to avoid any kind of confusion. In the year 1991, their first release came out. The band was active in the year 1987 and had its origin in New York City. They are popular for their hardcore, punk youth crew music. In 2015 the band played again during their tour with Gorilla Biscuits, which was another popular band during that era.

X Projects

X Projects was a hardcore punk band that had its origins in New York City, United States. It successfully released Project X, Schism Records. The band was active in the year 1987 and gained a lot of fame during their initial days. The band consisted of members of popular bands of that era such as Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, and many more.

X Dreams

The Band was popularly known as rough and rash involve Marcus Christopher (born in 1968) and Jan Muller (1970). They have their origin from Hamburg Germany. In 1992 was first introduced in the Hamburg returns scene where they decided to switch to this genre. In late 1997 both mutually decided to experiment with the different sides of the project where. They created a remix of other tracks for the artist Saafi brothers and Kox box.

The popular albums include Trip to Trances Sylvania (1993), “We created our own happiness tunnel records” (1995), Radio (1998), lots more.

X (American Band)

It is a popular American band formed in Los Angeles. The band is active since 1977 and involves some supremely active creative members such as vocalist Exene Cervenka, guitarist Billy Zoom, drummer DJ Bonebrake, vocalist bassist John Doe.

They are players of punk Rock alternative rock genres and have successfully released 7 studio albums between 1980 to 1993. It went inactive in 1990 but got back on track in the early 2000s.

X Seed Band

The bands have their origin from the United Kingdom and their formation is still anonymous. Their style is thrash metal and involves some supremely talented musicians including vocalist Mark Duffy (Tauranga millennium UK), guitarists- Malcolm Spence, Doug Mckendrick, bassist Paul Thompson, and drummer Craig Ward. In 1996 they released the most popular of their albums ‘Desolation’.


This band was founded in the year 1985. It is a hard rock/ melodic metal band and has successfully showcased its talents in multiple cities like Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. In between 1985 to 1995 released three-song EP in 1988 3 full-length albums in 1989 ‘Experience the Power in 1992’ and New Train’ in 1995 but 5unfortunately in 1996 Clint Reed left the band. But it was successfully continued by Bob Kachline and bassist and backing vocalist Anne Kichline.


The band was formed in 1972 in Swindon. It’s an English rock band. It rose to popularity in 1970 with the rise of punk and the new wave. There are no less than a jack of multiple trades who have performed superbly in a variety of styles including from angular guitar riffs to elaborately arranged pop. Their popular labels include ‘Version cooking vinyl and Idea’. The principal members of the band include drummer Terry chambers, vocalist basic guitar: Colin Moulding, vocalist and guitarist Andy Patridge, and many more.

Xael band

The band was originated in the year 2017 in North Carolina United States. It is a symphonic death metal band. Their notable single is ‘Apathy of the immortal’ which was released in 2017, ‘the last Arbiter and Bloodtide Rising’ which is of the full-length type released in 2018 and 2020.

XYZ Band

The band is a glam metal heavy metal hard rock type having its origin from Los Angeles California United States. It is active from 1986 to 1992. It then took a break till 2002 but is present then. The prime members of the bands include Terry Illus, Pat Fontaine, Tony Marcus, Joey Shapiro. It was actually originally created in Lyon France where the extreme former members were born and brought up however, they later migrated to Los Angeles the United States. In 1989 they released their debut album Enigma and were then signed by the major label capital for the subsequent.

They have performed in multiple festivals and functions all over across USA and Europe where Terry has performed as the lead vocalist between 2010 to 2018 for Great White. They then performed in 2008 at Oklahoma the M3 Rock festival Merryweather, Post pavilion Columbia, Fire fest Rock, City Nottingham in the year 2012. Paul the drummer along with his daughter was a contestant on the show “That Awkward Game” in 2016 on Spike TV.

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