Bands That Start With K

Music is the significant essence of our lives. Sometimes, it helps us to cure our sorrows and also helping us to keep our hearts healthy and continue to bloom. There is none who doesn’t like music and the feeling of listening to music to soothe your inner soul and improve your mental peace. In this modern world, at the end of our long, hectic day when we return homes, tired, music acts as the ultimate stress-reliever for us, music calm our minds and by going with the flow of music, our busy minds can be set at peace outside from the dark thoughts and we feel much better than before.

Bands That Start With K

Have you ever wondered how many bands start with the letter K? Having a band whose name starts with K is both amazing, unique and grabs the attention of the song lovers too! Well then, we have the list ready for you! The list given below comprises a few of the known and unknown bands who have been producing the greatest music of all times, and whose name starts with K. Pop, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Indie, and more.

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Killing Joke

Killing Joke is an English Band formed in later 1979 dwelling in Notting Hill, London-England. The band was founded by Jaz Coleman(vocals, keyboard) and has three other members- Paul Ferguson (drums), Geordie Walker (guitar), and Youth (bass). Their first album “Killing Joke” was released in 1980 and after the release of their “Revelations” in late 1982, Paul Raven replaced the bassist Youth. They grabbed the attention of the listeners mostly in 1985 with their album “Night Time” and the successful single “Love Like Blood”. Their music style evolved many times with gothic rock, electronic music, synthpop, and many more. Killing Joke later influenced many such artists and bands as Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Nirvana. Till now, only Coleman and Walker are the constant members of the band but the current line-up still consists of all the four original members.

Kool And The Gang

Formed in the year 1964 by brothers Robert and Ronald Bell with Dennis Thomas, Robert Mickens, Charles Smith, George Brown, and Ricky West, Kool & The Gand is an American band formed in Jersey City, New Jersey. Their first success came with the release of their fourth album “Wild and Peaceful” in 1973, following their commercial peak later between 1976 and 1989. Their most successful albums were Ladies’ Night (1979), Celebrate! (1980) and Emergency (1980). They successfully sold two million copied in the US. And later they won two Grammy Awards and seven American Music Awards.


Kara was a popular South Korean Girl Band which debuted in March 2007 under DSP Media. The Band initially consisted of -Gyuri, Seungyeon, Youngji, Sunghee, and Nicole Their first studio album was “The First Blooming” with a single “Break It” which portrayed a strong female image and a mature R & B sound. Though their debut was not received with member Sunghee departing in 2008 due to parental pressure and Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung being added as a replacement; the k-pop band slowly started growing its popularity with their mini-album “Rock U” in 2008. Their singles such as “Lupin” (2010), “Jumping” (2010), “Step” (2011), “Pandora” (2012) were claimed to be a huge success in the Korean Music Industry.

The band started to dominate all the music charts with always being among the top 4 Kpop Girl Groups for 4years respectively. In 2014, both Nicole and Jiyoung decided not to renew their contracts with DSP media this leading Kara to have only 4members. Later on January 15, 2016 Kara officially disbanded with all the members pursuing their careers in the media field.

Kiss & Cry

Kiss & Cry was a South Korean Girl Group under Winning Insight M. They officially debuted on January 24, 2014, with their first digital single release “Domino Game”. It consisted of four members – Bohye (leader, vocalist, rapper, main dancer), Haena (lead vocalist), Dia (Main Vocalist), Soyumi( Vocalist, Lead Dancer). Their fandom name was called ” Cookie & Cream”. They made their first and last comeback on May 7th with another popular Single “Bad Girl”. The band was disbanded after a short span of seven months in August 2014 with member Bohye and Haena debuting in groups Destiny and Matilda respectively, and Dia and Soyumi getting success as soloists.

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs are an English Indie Rock Band formed in 2000 at Leeds consisting of Charles Richard Wilson (lead vocalist), Andrew White (guitarist), Simon Rix (bassist), Nick Baines (keyboardist), and Vijay Mistry( drummer) replacing Nick Hodgson in 2013. They released numerous original studio albums namely – Employment (2005), Yours Truly Angry Mob (2007), Off With Their Heads (2008), The Future Is Medieval (2011), Education, Education, Education & War(2014), Stay Together (2016), Duck (2019) and numerous singles with “Ruby” being the number one hit. They have won three Brit Awards being the Best British Group and have also won the NME award for the Best Album and was also shortlisted for the Mercury Prize.


This is an English Alternative Rock Band originating from Battle, East Sussex in early 1995. The band had Tom Chaplin (lead vocals, guitars), Tim Rice- Oxley (pianist, bassist, side vocalist), Richard Hughes (drummer, vocalist), and Jesse Quin (bassist, guitarist). The band was formed by Dominic Scott who left in 2001. Keane received international success with their debut album “Hopes and Fears” in 2004. They topped the UK charts and won the 2005 Brit Album for Best British Album. After releasing their compilation album “The Best of Keane” in 2013 and selling over 13 million records worldwide, they took a long hiatus of 5years. And again in June 2019, they made a comeback with their lead single “Cause and Effect”.


Kiss is an American Rock Band found in January 1973 formed in New York City. The members are Stanley (vocals and rhythm guitar), Simmons (vocals and bass) , Frehley (lead guitar and vocals) and Criss (drums and vocals). They’re well known for their face paint and awestruck stage outfits. They got recognition mostly in 1970s with their stage performances which had fire breathing, shooting rockets, smoking guitar and levitating drum kits. They’re regarded as the most influential band of all time and has some 75 million records worldwide. They were also ranked as ninth in the “Greatest Metal Band of All Time”.


Kasabian is an English Pop Band found in 1997 based in Leicester by Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Karloff, Chris Edwards, and drummer Ian Matthews joining later in 2004. They released multiple studio albums namely Kasabian(2004), Empire(2006), West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009), Velociraptor! (2011), 48:13 (2014), For Crying Out Loud (2017). Their music brought them into recognition in the media industry with numerous awards and nominations. They mostly focussed on the “indie rock” style of music. They received a Brit Award in 2010 for being the Best British Group.

Kara’s Flowers

Formed in 1994, in Los Angeles, California is an American Pop Rock Band. And now, you may popularly know this band like Maroon 5! Members are Adam Levine (lead vocalist), Jesse Carmichael (keyboardist, rhythm guitarist), James Valentine (lead guitarist), Matt Flynn (drummer), P J Morton (keyboardist), and Sam Farrar (multi-instrumentalist).

With many of such popular singles like “Makes Me Wonder”, ” Hands All Over”, “Moves Like Jagger” they easily came into the limelight with the latter song topping the Billboard Hot 100. Again with the songs “Sugar” and “Girls Like You” they easily gained the highest level of success and recognition. Till now, Maroon 5 or formerly the Kara’s Flowers, has sold more than 135 million records, making them one of the world’s best-selling music artists.


Korn is an American nu metal band of Bakersfield, California debuting in 1993. They are mostly popular for bringing the nu-metal genre into the mainstream and grab more attention. It consists of members- James “Munky” Shaffer(rhythm guitar), Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu (bass), Brian “Head” Welch (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jonathan Davis (lead vocals, bagpipes), and adding Ray Luzier (drums) in 2007 replacing the former drummer David Silveria.

Their first album “Korn” was released in 1994, following their next albums- “Life Is Peachy” in 1996, “Follow The Leader” in 1998, and “Issues” in 1999, all of which got number one place in Billboard 200 and achieved huge success! Their success reached even higher with “Untouchables” (2002), “Take A Look In The Mirror” (2003) and “See You On The Other Side” (2005). Some of their recent albums which sold more than 40 million records worldwide with recent albums – “The Path Of Totality” (2011) and “Roadrunner Records, The Paradigm Shift” (2013). They earned two Grammy Awards and also two MTV Video Music Awards.

More Band Starting With K

  • K Camp
  • Ki & JoJo
  • Kaleo
  • Karen O & Danger Mouse
  • Katatonia
  • Kathleen Hanna
  • Kinks
  • Kyuss
  • K-os
  • Kalin Twins
  • Kalsang Yarphel
  • Michelle
  • Kano
  • Keith Moon
  • Keith Richards
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  • Killers
  • Killing Joke
  • Koke
  • Kaleo
  • Kali Uchis
  • The Kills
  • Kalin and Myles


We hope you were able to find some of the best band that starts with the letter K. These bands have not only made an impact in the music industry but has also gathered a huge fan following all over the globe.

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