55 Best Songs About the Moon

Moon has been an inspirational object for human creativity since years. Writers, poets, lyricists, authors have always fantasised to express their feelings via moon. There are a lot of songs about moon and its beauty. Moon is used to convey a plethora of emotions in so many ways that now it has become a love symbol.

Many songs use moon and express emotions directly while other songs use moon as metaphors and explain a wider meaning of it. No matter what way the song is written and sung, moon songs are very interesting and fun. People use moon in their songs in many different ways.

Best Songs About the Moon

Some of the best moon songs are:

Brother Louie – Modern Talking

This song was released in 1998 and the song is a story of two brothers who fall in love with the same girl in their young age. When they both found out that they are seeing the same girl, both of try to convince each other to leave the girl and then rest is history. Grab your earphones and listen to the rest of the song and dive deep into the emotions. The lyrics of the song are related to incident and it will give you a clear cut idea on what story they are trying to convey.

Talking to the moon – Bruno Mars

This song by Bruno Mars is totally different and has taken a different approach to portray emotions. They say that moon can be comfort for some and it can also be something to confide in. Because he is alone he searches for moon to fill up the empty spaces. He searches for what was lost. Go and listen to the song if you have not yet. He further talks to the moon when the light of the moon shines on the window of his room. By talking to the moon, he tries to get her love.

Runnin’ Outta Moonlight – Randy Houser

The song by Randy Houser depicts romantic aspect about the moon and connects it to love. He reminds his love that they are running of moonlight and highlights the eternal beauty of moon. He wants to run with his girl in the moonlight and hold her till the break of dawn. The song also talks about the brightness of the moon and says that the light will show us way forward in life. Houser has given a meaningful yet an interesting song to connect with moon and to no surprise the song has become a super hit.

Drunk on the moon – Tom Waits

Drunk on the moon was launched in 1974 and the singer has come up with so many songs which talks about moon and its qualities. The song was recorded for the album ‘The Art of Saturday Night’ and was inspired by The Terminal bar in Denver, Colorado. The songs talks about different phases and types of moon and so a line says ‘There’s all different kinds of moon.’ The song has received love of millions because of lyrics and the music type. If you have a taste in such type of music, grab your earphones and listen to the music.

Moonlight – Grace VanderWaal

In this song, the singer sings the song to someone and says if she is dancing together under the moon with them. She further talks about dancing under the moon with harsh realities of life. With the stories of life, happy or sad, we all dance under the moonlight and no matter how strong we appear in front of people, we are like a glass doll and can break us anytime. The song takes a turn and talks about past where they have spoken about not to leave each other. She says that the moonlight in your eyes makes her feel like they are dancing together.

My Moon My Man – Feist

The song My Moon My Man talks about ever changing nature of the moon to man. She says how he will treat her everyday and compares it to changing phases of the moon. She wishes that her man to go easy on her and requests the moon to shed some light on her, taking it slow. She talks about having no escape with light on her. The three minute song is a perfect comparison of phases of life and the lyricist has compared it with life in a beautiful manner. The song was launched in 2007.

The Moon and Sky – Sades

The song was launched in the year 2010 and the singer has put all her heart. In the song, the singer compares her lost lover to the vastness of the moon and the stars. The song says that she will never let her love go away just like the Earth never lets the moon go away. She talks about how strong their love was and all of the things that they could have but don’t know. She says that she could have loved anyone but she chooses to love you and why did he make her cry. She also says that you will never let her go even are leaving her to die.

Blue Moon – Marcels

The starting music of the song is like a cherry on the top with the lyrics. The song is old, launched in 1940s but still holds a space in your heart. The song was later covered by Frank Sintara and it again talks about the endless beauty of moon. The song’s basic is that even when your love is gone, you have nothing left with you but the moon is always there for you. It tells about everything the moon does in clear night and gives you an ease of comfort and security. Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone. Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own, is the best line from the song.

To the Moon and Back – Savage Garden

The song demonstrated love for a fictional lady character by saying they would fly her to the moon and back. By this it means that they would go far away for their love and he would prove her his commitment by doing this. He says that she is making up reasons to justify her pain that exists in her heart in time. The singer wishes for her and says that he wants her to fly to the moon and back. He further talks about problems she has faced in her life but still she shines like moon. For the real feeling of the song, grab your earphones and rush to Youtube.

Moon – Bjork

Launched in the year of 2011, the song caters to nature of moon and it compares it to the changing nature of humanity and the human body. It discusses the cyclic nature of the moon and she tells that just like human beings, moon also starts fresh. She gives motivation by saying that just like the moon starts fresh after every phase, human beings can also start fresh in life after some problem. Moon has been used as a motivation to start fresh in life.


  • Moondance by Van Morrison
  • Shame on the moon by Bob Segar
  • Contact by Daft Punk
  • Moonlight by Ariana Grande
  • Four out of Five by Arctic Monekeys
  • An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno
  • Can’t Fight the Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes
  • Blue Moon of Kentucky by Elvis Presely
  • Sisters of Moon by Fleetwood Mac
  • Mr Moonlight by Beatles
  • Shame on the moon by Bob Seger
  • Moonlight Drive by The Doors
  • Virginia Moon by Foo Fighters
  • Moon over Bourbon Street by Strings
  • Moon at the Window by Joni Mitchell
  • The Whole of the Moon by The Waterboys
  • Brain Damage by Pink Floyd
  • Hypnotise the moon by Clay Walker
  • Moon is up by the rolling stones
  • Mountains of the Moon by Grateful dead
  • There’s Moon in the sky (Called by the Moon) by the B- 52s
  • Howlin’ at the moon by Hank Williams
  • Black Moon Creeping by The Black Crowers
  • Rope the Moon by John Michael Montgomery
  • The Moon’s Harsh Mistress by Jimmy Webb
  • Rocket Man by Elton John
  • Space Oddity by David Bowie
  • Pink Moon By Nike Drake
  • Man on the Moon by R.E.M
  • Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight) by Thin Lizzy
  • The child of the moon by The Rolling Stones
  • Half Moon by Blind Pilot
  • Moonbeans Levels by Prince
  • Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield
  • Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Midnight Moonlight by The Firm
  • Sail to the Moon by RadioHead
  • Half Moon by Janis Joplin
  • Moonlight Serenade by Glen Miller

The songs of moon are very soothing and motivating which will definitely make your day. You must listen to these songs in the list. A lot of these songs are underrated but deserves a lot of likes. You will find all these songs on YouTube or Spotify. Lyricists have put a lot of creativity and made these songs a blockbuster.

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